23 May 2019

Today ,Thursday morning and he had offered me a ride to work I of course accepted knowing full well we had booked a room in a pvt cottage to have some fun before work. I was wearing a dress and black knee high stockings with a black lace garter no panty got in the vehicle sitting next to him and in traffic he whipped out his already hard cock. Under the cover of darkness on this cold autumn morning I started stroking his cock getting harder and harder he then pushed my dress up my thigh and exposed my already wet pussy. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other between my thighs he started rubbing my clit and down my already wet slit. When we arrived at our destination 30mins later just after 6am we parked the vehicle securely and went into the cottage. I stripped down to just my stockings ass , pussy and tits exposed he was naked . Thank goodness the owner of the place switched on the heater before we arrived. He could not wait to pleasure me so there he was on his knees worshipping my already wet pussy with his tongue. He sucked my clit, licked my pussy from bottom to top, tongue fucked my pink slit so deep . My pussy juice dripped all over the couch, I loved licking his face clean and tasting my sweetness on his lips. Then we moved to the bed where proceeded to fuck me so deep, legs in the air he went deep then would pull out and lick my pussy again. My cunt just wanted more and more of his hard cock. I came so hard so did he . Thinking of it now my pussy gets wet again and is throbbing. I feel I need more. But alas we only had 1hr before heading to work so we jumped in the shower got dressed and on our way. What a start to my day...I wish they all started this way.

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