Written by Peter_just4u

17 Feb 2014

it was Saturday afternoon and i was sitting and watching tv catching up what was recorded from the week beer next to me and just relaxing when my phone rang.I answered and it was my friends wife though to myself this is strange as my friend was overseas at the moment.I said hello Wendy (not her real name) whats going on, she stated to me that her she is stuck on the highway i asked her were she was and about half an hour later i pulled up to her on the side of the highway.Anyway we managed to get her car towed and gave her a lift home.As we drove to her place we chatted and looked at her legs they looked soft and smooth.As we stopped at her place she stated to me to please come up and have a drink with her, i said ok i sat in the lounge as she went and fetched a bottle of wine and two glasses i poured the wine and we started to chat next thing the bottle was finished and the next one was opened.

We sat across from each other and her legs opened up a bit and i could see her white pantie and felt a stir in my pants feeling guilty i looked away and she asked if did not like the view i said i did.She then sat on the edge of the chair and opened her legs wider and said to me to come over and kiss her i did by this time i was passed semi hard as we kissed i pushed her backwards and started to play with her tits her nipples were hard her hand found my cock she rubbed me though my shorts.

I made my way down to her pussy i could smell her i kiss her pusdy though her pantie her hands now holding my head down on her.I kissed and sucked her though her pantie she was moaning and moving her hips with joy. She then said lets go to the bedroom we got up and went i took off her clothes and she did the same to me by this time i was hard she took me in her mouth and sucked me and played with my balls.I told her to lay on the bed and kneed down was lick her wet pussy she tasted so good i licked snd sucked her until she exploded in my mouth. My face was wet from her she then stated to me to lay down and she mounted me slowly lowering herself down my cock i watched as it disappeared into her she rode me i was in heaven. She then stopped and took my cock in her hand and slid it to her ass and lowered herself again as she rode me she played with her pussy thing got heated up and told her that i was about to cum she said she was too i cum deep in she ass she then got off me and told me to lick her again i licked her until she cum again.

As we layed on the bed she asked me i enjoy anal sex i replied yes i do she got up and went to the bathroom and come out with a strap on i look at it and told her that it was too big she laughed and told me to turn over she pulled out the lub and lub me up and step closer i felt the tip as she pushed she slowly pushed the strap on all the way in and slowly started to fuck me she asked if it was hurting me and said it was not to bad she fucked me for about five minutes and asked if i enjoy it and replied yes i did.I sent the night repeating what we had.