Written by yvone mr

04 Oct 2013

what an awesome day it was so far got to work this morning the boss was in a very bad mood at about 10:00 he left for some fun on the golf coarse every one jut messing about in the office at about 12 clock he phones and ask me to go over to hes house there was n problem and the wife cant fixed so off i went when i arrived at hes house there was water running out off the front door when i knocked hes wife came out but she was socking wet water dripping from her she took me to the passage way were the water was streaming out off the sealing as we were standing and chatting about the problem i could not resit but to look at her socking top with the nipples standing very hard and sexy i quickly went outside to close the main valve and return inside were she was standing still sweeping some off the water out i took over the broom and help some she went and fetched some towels to put on the floor picking them up and drying them out in a bucket but wow every time she bend over i could see the g string sticking out and i was getting very aroused by the that i was standing against the wall and was looking when she bending over when suddenly she looked around and saw me looking i thought now im in the shit but she just smiled and asked if im enjoining the view i replied im so sorry but cant help my self for looking please don't tel ur husband she just smiled and said i wont tell she then asked if i would like something to drink and said yes we went to the kitchen were she pored some coke she said shes just going to put some dry clothes on i went back to the passage way standing looking at he sealing when she came out of the bathroom naked then she saw me for a moment she was just looking with a shocked and shy expression on her face but not covering up still rubbing her hair well it was an instant hardon mmmmm looking at the clean shaven lips and the 38 dd breast with small nippels she walk over and took my hand lead me back to her room as we entered i grabbed her hips puld her towards me and started to kissing her neck and back with one hand on her breast she was rubbing my cock thru my pants she was moaning softly i took her layed her on the bed and stated licking her pussy while slipping a finger in her i could feel her cumming close to orgasm as she arched her back and pussing my head deep into her she squirted offer my face and finger and screaming loudly she asked me to please fuck her doggy style which i did just dropping my pants to the floor it was like heaven when i enterd her soft wet and tight she pushed back hard and fast he went in deep and hard i was giving it to hard and fast know as i was about to cum i pulled out she turned around i pushed me back and sat on top off me riding me hard i shot my load deep into her when she feld that she squirted again grabbing and sqeezing me tightly against her we sat like that for n minute or two just holding each other whe then got up and went to the bathroom wiping ourselfs off with the wet towels i went and got dressed and was busy picking up the towls when she grabed my cock again and said im not finished with u yet we went back to the room were we fucked all over again i got back to work at about 2 o clock smiling from ear to ear