Written by benji

10 Nov 2017

firstly my wife is 46 years old and weighs 45 kg she is very petite and blond , a real small sexbom . Whe moved to a small town in the north west about 6 years ago for work purposes , now as it happened my bosses had to sleep over as the depot is situated far from the main depot in jhb , my wife insisted that my boss sleep over at our house . Arriving home that after noon with my boss i noticed that my wife was wearing a short blue skirt , she enjoys wearing short skirts , so i did not read anything into this . We had a couple of drinks and a braai and i noticed my boss keep staring at my wives legs , as my wife loves flashing i told her to remove her panties , she did it without any hesitance and gave it to me, i put it in my pocked . She would bend over and flash him constantly he did not seem to notice i thought , at about nine the drinks had me tired so i excused myself and went to bed , at about eleven i had to go to the loo and saw my wife was not in the bed yet ,as i approached the living room i heard my wife moaning loudly , i stood behind the wall and peeked in the living room he had her up against the wall and was fucking her with all his might , i was hard instantly and started wanking shot my load within half a minute , when she came to bed i asked her why she was so late and she said they were only talking , i shoved her on her stomach i could see his cum still in her , i started fucking her hard from behind and came again within a minute , this is a true story and i enjoyed watching she still thinks i dont know , this has happend on numerous occasions now even a auditor or two, i have even arranged a guy from the site to visit us and told her it was one of my bosses and she fucked him as well , think she has a real fetish with bosses