22 Aug 2019

He walked in and found me in the kitchen standing by the sink, he gave me a nice and warm hug from the back, since he was standing behind me his hand came fo my breasts as he hugged me while playing with my nipple which he had easy access to since i was only in a dressing gown i felt his lips kiss me on my neck wit abit of licking after the kiss damn this man knows me to well 2 of my spots at the sametime.

Then i felt him push my legs apart wit his knee gentle but wit command in it, his hand went to my pussy which was dripping wet at tht moment he fingered me and i let out a sound of approval he dropped his shorts and gentle pulled me towards him, i felt his hard dick make its way into my pussy he held it by the entrance and stroked it up and down teasing me i ached my back wanting it all inside me but he kept teasing me then his finger was now on my clit while he entered me i jus couldn't hold it i felt a wave move thru my body towards my pussy i had a huge orgasm and felt my knees get weak i asked to move to the lounge coz i couldn't do tht position in my state.

When we got ther i lay facing up on the couch he came on and licked my pussy briefly then he shoved his dick in me in one hard stroke my legs wher on his shoulders as he was fucking me hard and fast he moved so well and i felt his dick in all parts of my wet pussy damn this man can fuck.

I felt his dick get harder and fill me up more that knowledge of him about to cum made me cum also we wher both loud as we cam together i was holding on as i felt all my strength move out of me in tht orgasm, having my pussy filled with cum which was oozing out as his dick went soft felt wonderful.

I jus wanted to sleep after such a gud fuck he got a towel cleaned himself and put on his shorts then said "babie i gota go, told the wife am goin to the gym" damn it was a gud workout anywhere.

As he left i felt confused the sex is gud but couldn't he jus hold me fo a while longer, well thts the joy of fucking married men.