08 Jun 2016

Business was slow and my next appointment was only later that day at about three. As I was up and bored I decided to pay my friend with the catering business a courtesy call. I arrived just after nine and the staff opened for me as they know my vehicle. Thando told me my friend was out doing her hair or nails, I can’t really remember. She invited me for tea which I accepted as I had nothing else to do, also remembering the previous time I had tea with her and Naledi. Naledi was not there, she had the day off. We sat down and chatted for a while with the other staff, when they left after their break Thando asked me what happened the night of the catering function. Naledi must have mentioned something to her. I denied everything but could see she knows more.

Thando recommended we go to Cathy’s office to wait there for her. Cathy is a very organized person and her desk is normally tidy, nothing lying around, only her diary and computer on this huge mahogany desk. This gave me other ideas as I know Cathy, when she’s out and no deadline, she takes her time. Thando and I made ourselves comfortable, me in Cathy’s chair and she opposite in the visitors. Not long after that and the conversation started to turn on my last visit when she and Naledi gave me a time of my life.

Thando said she would have never thought that something like that would happen to her at work and that she really enjoyed it very much. I complemented her on her beautiful body and how I thoroughly enjoyed being with the two of them. I also commented that I would like to have a one on one with her as I felt that I neglected her in some of the pleasures. Thando admitted that she would very much like that too.

I moved over to her pulling her up from the chair, taking her in my arms and started to passionately kiss her. She responded with a deep french kiss where our tongues intertwined. I pushed the office door close with my foot and started to unbutton her blouse. Our mouths did not part, we did not say a word but both knew that we don’t want the moment to stop. Her blouse was on the floor and I could feel the beautiful breasts with nipples as hard as rocks pressing against my chest. She unbuttoned my shirt so that my skin could feel the erectness of her nipples. By now her bra was off as well, my dick was as hard as a pole and it screamed from down there to be released into the open.

I unzipped her jeans and put my hand into her panty, feeling the moistness made me even hornier. She did not bother to undo my belt but pulled my pants right down, it was a little battle to get it past my dick but somehow she managed. At last the little man was free and happy as can be. She first stroked and caressed it with her hands and then slowly moved down on me. My pants where around my ankles so my movement was restricted, I plunged down on the desk nearly shattered the keybord. Thando moved her tongue around my head looking me in the eye teasing me with her eyes. She moved her tongue lower down licking my shaft and lightly sucking on my balls, I nearly exploded.

I had to get her off my dick or else the action would be over in a second. I pulled her towards me onto the desk whereby I moved down south, first the one then the other breast. By now she was stroking the king with her hand. He was very happy and enjoyed the attention, he calmed down and did not shoot his load yet, what a relieve. Meanwhile my tongue found its way further down past the navel past the moist pleasure spot way down to her inner thighs. She grabbed my head and guided it back to the pleasure spot but I resisted, teasing her with kisses and soft blows close to the entrance.