08 May 2017

We cant help were we get horny so we have learnt to always make a plan ☺

It was about 9am and the bookshop looked quiet so we held hands and made our way to the back of the store. Pretending of course all the time to be looking for something interesting to read. I was wearing a short denim skirt without undies (quick access of course) i leant over one of the shorter bookcases pretending to reach for a book. My bf slipped his dick out and rubbed it against my butt. I could feel him hard and ready so i pushed back against him. He slippes easily into my wet pussy he wrapped his arms around my waist so it looked like he was hugging me from behind. We moved slowly against each other trying to look innocent. My knees were weak with excitement i wanted him to shag me deep and fast but we couldnt raise suspicion. After about 5 minutes of gentle in and out movement i knocked over a pile of books abd bent to pick them up. My bf took the chance to give a few deep delightful thrusts , a voice calling out to us , are you okay back there ?put a stop to our delightful encounter. We adjusted our clothes, bought a magazine and left but it was still an awesome experience ?