Written by paulus

27 Nov 2012

I was invited to a braai to watch the Boks play england. had to work in the morning so a quick change in the office, stop at the bottle store for dop and to woolies for some meat. the wife and kids are in Cape town visiting the in laws so looking forward to a braai with no issues from the mrs regarding getting home or drinking too much. When i arrived Simon and Joanne our hosts had invited a few couples most of who i knew, there where one or two i had no idea who they where but was sure i would get around to meeting them. Just as the game was about to start everyone began to leave, some family issue that needed Simon and Joanne to leave urgently. i grabbed my beers and meat and was making my way out of the complex to my car when on of the couple i did not know asked where i was going to watch the game, at home i answered, thinking to myself, wife and kids out of town and i am at home being a good boy!! shit i am getting old!! the couple introduced themselves, Steve about my age and Tracey, i could not guess her age, she looked about 20 or 25, she was about 5'7, 5'8 had short brown hair nice slim legs and was wearing a pink Bok top and short denim skirt that had my attention from the minute i laid eyes on her. i introduced myself, we chatted a bit and i said i had to leave, i wanted to see the game so needed to drive home in a hurry. Tracey said that they would be watching the game and that as it was about 5 mins to kick off i could watch with them if i wanted. two other couples that i knew, Pete and Sandra and Geoff and Michelle also stayed. i thought nothing of the invite and was only too happy to have someone to watch the game with. the drinks flowed, we lit a braai cooked our meet and watched nervously as the Boks did their best to make the poms look good!! as soon as the game finished the two other couples made some excuse and left. i had been watching Tracey all afternoon, she was older than she looked although i still had no idea of her age but had picked up that Steve and her had been marries for 22 years! she had a great pair of tits was not wearing a bra, i had lost count of the number of times she had caught me looking and how many nipple stands she had throughout the game. Tracey had drank more than enough wine according to Steve and was now looking to party more. she sat opposite me and next to Steve on the settee, as she sat i caught a glimpse of how far her legs went, not all the way but enough. Tracey whispered something to Steve and vanished for a few minutes. steve closed the blinds and refreshed our drinks. he asked me if i was going anywhere for the evening but i was not going home to change and had decided that i was not going to pull in the condition i was in, so said "no" Steve said that Saturdays are their movie night so i was welcome to stay and watch, i agreed.Steve got up to put a dvd in the machine. Tracey returned sat next to Steve and he hit the play button to start the movie. i was not expecting what appeared on the screen, it was a porn movie!! i suppose i should have expected it but was still shocked, here are two people i have met about two hours ago watched some rugby and was now watching porn in their house. on the screen the scene had two guys and a blonde about to get things going. Steve's had was stroking Tracey's thigh and i was sat there watching, between the movie and the 'live' action. i soon was just watching Steve and Tracey, he now had his had on her pussy and i was rubbing the outside of her panties. i was as hard as i can remember. Tracey stood up took off her top and turned to show me her tits, if i thought i was hard before i thought i would explode at seeing her dark round nipples. Tracy asked me did i like what i saw, i was speechless and just nodded and took a big swig of my beer. Steve then let the cat out of the bag, he wanted to watch whilst i fucked Tracey. with this Tracey sat next to me rubbed my dick through my shorts and took off her skirt. she had a stunning body, a clean shaved pussy that had me drooling. the guy in the movie was down on his knees licking the girl out, Tracey asked if i could do that for her as Steve found it disgusting and would not do it for her, his loss was all i could think of. i took off her wet sheer lace pants and had my tongue out doing its best without a second thought. Tracey, unlike my wife, is a talker everything i did was met with a moan and a "oh fuck". after a few minutes she was shaking and let me know that she is a squirted and was about to cum, i was not going to move anything but my tongue. when she came it was a small stream and sprayed my chin and chest. I was in heaven a stunning lady who wanted to someone to go down on her. Steve had had enough and moved to join us, all of un now naked and horny,he moved to where i had just left and slid his dick into Tracey, he was a bit longer than me but not as wide, she took it no problem and Steve was going at it like he had a point to prove. Tracey then said to him to move, Steve rolled off and lay on the floor, Tracey mounted him, i though that i had served my purpose and was wanking whilst half watching them and half watching the movie on the TV. Tracey then summoned me closer and ordered me behind her, i had a great view of Steve going in her, Steve then motioned to me to the TV, the girl was being banged in both holes, and i was told that this is what Tracey wanted, someone to fuck her ass again something Steve refused to do. i was not going to miss out, pushed a finger down there, ran my head around her "star" a bit of spit to get some lube and started to push myself slowly in her virgin ass.after a few strokes and a few awkward moments when i had popped out i Tracey missed and nearly fucked Steve in the ass we had a rhythm going. Tracey was now almost screaming the complex down, i was worried that the neighbors would call the police. She came again and i was close when Steve let us know he was about to cum, the look on his face told its own story and he told us to move whilst he got from the bottom. Tracey told him to sit on the settee and that as i had done her a favor she would return it to me, she knelt in front of me and took me deep in her mouth, much to Steve's annoyance, Tracey told him to shut up and put my dick back in her mouth. i did not last more than three or four strokes before i shot my load over her face and tits. Tracey then said to Steve that from now on her would service her with his tongue and in return she would blow him. i was just a stranger that they had seen as perfect to help her out and fill a fantasy, two guys at once, a pussy licking and an ass fucking. we sat for a few minutes had a drink watched the movie, and went at it again!! Steve got his BJ, i got to fuck Tracey, this time shooting my load deep in her, Tracey got another licking as Steve went in where angels fear!! i just got lucky, so lucky i nearly forgot the score in the Rugby!!