16 Jan 2016

I lay in there wondering if the hard on I experienced earlier was relevant to C as as much as I thought about it there was no response down below.i was suddenly surprised when C appeared as if from no where and sat down instantly taking hold of my dick.Now I want to hear about your dream,am wet just letting my imagination run riot,she told me.My dick had responded even prior to her taking hold of it,and now I realized that she actually turned me on immensely,She explained that she bribed the duty staff somewhat to allow her to come back as I needed some comforting.I then told her in explicit detail,my dream

She got rather excited during the explanation and began stroking me rather vigorously creating short pricks of pain in my back.ON telling her she then stuck her head under the sheet and proceeded to give me one of the best b.j.s I've ever had.I uploaded and she took it all.THey say pleasure and pain goes hand in hand,well here it did.Here was an acquaintance I had never taken much notice of who visited us frequently spoiling me as if in a dream.Before she left she told me she would pop in daily during the morning v/hrs to get me fit enough to give her the so called treat(dream)when I was discharged.She really did carry out her promise to a point where the nursing staff made various remarks besides the questioning of our relationship.So 3wks later I was discharged and then the fun began for the next 11mnths will post the details later