28 Nov 2017

A true story of my wife's Fantasy forfilled.

We were lying in bed and speaking about our life in the swinging lifestyle, I asked her

if she had any fantasy's and if she did I would like to hear about it. At first she was

hesitant and I assured her that I was keen to hear and would not laugh or criticize her fantasy.

She then told me that she would like to make love to a stranger but she must be

blindfolded. She did not want to know who it is or meet him.

Well this was a challenging fantasy but i vowed to make her fantasy come true.

This is our story:

I was sitting at work and thought of ways I can make my wife's fantasy a reality.

I browsed the different chat sites on the cell but most of them are pay sites and

we do not chat on these sites so its a waste to join. A few days later I overheard

a college mention to a friend that he was meeting a girl in the town close by.

I waited till he was alone and went to chat with him and during the course of the

conversation I asked him if he was a swinger.

He smiled and said yes.

I thought to myself that this could be a potential stranger for her fantasy.

I knew he was married and asked him if his wife also plays, he said that he plays

alone with the wife's permission His wife is not sexually active.

Well I took a moment to think about it, this is a one time thing and my wife will never

know who he is.

Late the afternoon after work I decided to give him a message and see if he was interested.

I sent him a watsup message and explained the fantasy to him and asked if he would

like to be the stranger. He immediately replied and said that I have an awesome stunning

wife and he will be honoured to be the stranger in her fantasy.

The planning:

I made a blindfold at work with clean soft rags and made sure she will not be able to see or peep.

The same afternoon I told her that her fantasy is in full motion and all has been organized.

I chatted with her all day on the Friday and coached her to get ready for the meeting.

She had a bath about an hour before the time. She was nervous as hell but extremely excited.

Make up and hair do was all part of the getting ready stage. Her pussy cleanly

shaven, When I got home I saw the most beautiful woman ... she looked so stunning.

All was planned and ready for the fantasy to begin. He sent a message and said he

will be there in 15 minutes. My wife was dressed in red see through lingerie nighties

with a matching red nightgown. I put her Blindfold on and let her lie down diagonally

on the bed. Her long red brown hair spread over her cushion. Soft light classic music

played in the background.

Her whole body shaking, maybe the nerves or perhaps the excitement of the coming session.

I put on the camcorder and left her there on the bed with her own thoughts.

When I heard him approaching the front door I opened it softly.

I showed him where the bedroom was and the went through.

The Fantasy Starts:

He stood dead still for a full minute just looking at her lying there on the bed.

He looked back at me and made a silent motion with his mouth .. his lips miming

the word ... WOW.

He went and sat next to her on the bed and the moment he sat down next to her I

could hear her give a gasp. He started to caress her feet and ankles then moved

ever so sensually up to her thighs, and up to her hips, over her tummy and between

her soft boobs. His fingers moved softly over her mouth, her lips moist and already

she was breathing hard.

He pulled her into a sitting position and gently removed her red night gown.

Letting her lie down again he kissed her neck and face ... slowly getting closer

to her moist lips with her reddish lipstick. He gave her a long hot french kiss.

I stood outside the room but could see in the dresser mirror all that was happening.

Her whole body was already moving in a small motion showing that she was ready for

her Stranger to start making love to her. He took off his shirt and then started

untying her lingerie nighty's laces. He rolled her over slightly and removed the

garments and dropped them next to the bed. With a 1000 kisses he moved from her neck

down to her belly and even further down to her sexy lingerie panty, softly kissing

her on the panty covered pussy.

He used both hands to remove her panty by lifting her sexy ass and rolling the panty

down her thighs. He dropped the panties on the nighties next to the bed and then

stood up and dropped his pants. He was endowed and had a 80% erection.

He was now Kneeling down next to her kissing her on the lips again,

I heard a sharp gasp and realized that her hand had found his now rock

hard penis. This size penis was her first. She was already stroking him up and down

and cradling his balls in her hand. I knew then that her nervousness was gone.

He went down and started giving her oral sex with a wet lapping sound that drived

her crazy. After 5 minutes of oral and a lot of body motion from her he moved up and

spread her legs. He touched her pussy with his rock hard penis and rubbed it up

and down over her clit and snatch. The penetration was slow and steady .. with

her letting out gasp after gasp. She has a tight pussy and with this big penis it was

a tight fit. Together they had wild sex for about 15 minutes then she pushed him

away and made him lie down on his back. He got a Blow job that he will never forget.

I was still in the passage watching the mirror.

After a long deep sucking wet blow job he again took control.

He let her lie down on her tummy and put 2 cushions under her belly. Her ass was

an open invitation calling for his big erection. He had ample pre-cum to ensure

a supper slippery entry to her asshole. He went slowly to be sure he did not hurt her.

He penetrated her fully and just left it inside her for a moment then he started

to move in and out ... she did not let time waste she pushed back with a hard shove

getting his whole hard cock deep into her butt hole and moaned with pleasure.

He had his hand on her clitoris, rubbing and playing with her while he fucked

her in her ass. Together they bumped away and she kept pulling him as deep as she

possibly could into her ass. I knew then that she was climaxing and knew that it was a huge climax.

He did not stop but went on to reach his climax deep inside her. His whole body

shuddered for a good minute and a half. She was satisfied ... and he was satisfied.

He left his cock inside her till it went limp then slowly he pulled it out.

He lied down next to her and ended the awesome session by tickling her whole body

for another 5 minutes. He then stood up and got dressed. I walked him to the door

and he left. She was still lying on the bed blindfolded when I returned to the bedroom ...

She stayed there for 10 minutes then stood up and went and took a shower.

I did not ask questions and expected no words. She would tell me all about

her feelings when she was ready.

Do you want to be the next Stranger?