07 Jun 2017

Met a old work mate today and caught up on years gone by. We both worked for a pool company selling pool cleaners in the 80's. Me fresh out from the army and not knowing what to do, i joined this crowd. This system was still new to the scene and in demand. After training i was given my area and off i went. the boss was of German descent and full of crap, me not into that had enough the previous 3 yrs in the force.

After leaving the office each day, i changed into baggies or shorts without boss mans knowledge and hit the cold sell game. After about 2 weeks i bought 1 system and placed it on trial for a day. Shit i was on a winning streak here.

I was working the more affluent areas of PE where stay at home moms were common, easier to sell to as well.

One particular mom a looker of note asked me to demonstrate the system the next day. On time as always i rocked up baggies, T shirt and slops and did my thing. She seemed very interested and so was i, but me in her. Nice boob tube dress on and clearly no bra, great face and legs and boobs that swung so nicely. An hour later and its in the pool and i am like see you tomorrow morning to follow up.

Next morning and she is in another boob tube and my dick goes no man not again i need to sign this off. Paperwork done and im leaving when she says you like looking at my tits don't you. No problem it doesn't worry me she says and i am like thank goodness. At the door she drops her top to expose fucking awesome tits. You can touch if you want and i am touching the licking and nibbling on her nipples like there is no tomorrow.

I touched her between her legs and gave her a gentle squeeze, door closed and not stopping me i went down ,lifted her dress moved her g string aside and gave her my all in eating her very neatly trimmed fanny. I didn't stop until, she came in my mouth. She went straight down undid my baggies and sucked this young dick with all her skill. Now this mom must have been at least 15yrs older than me and obviously very horny or just frustrated cause that blow has stayed in my mind cause of her soft mouth and how she swallowed it all.

She took me to the lounge where we got naked and she asked me to lick her again, while doing it she lifted her arse and i got to lick her bum, this she liked a lot due to her moaning. We fucked at full pace as she wanted it hard and deep, no complaints from me here.. My fuck i was in heaven and in a amazing fanny, she pulls me out and says here is something my husband doesn't get and guides my dick to her arse and says now fuck me properly.

I shot a load that made my head lite all over her face ant boobs.

The deal was done hubby left a check and she referred me to her wealthy friends in the surrounding areas. I sold plenty and i must say fucked some really good looking bored mommy's for about 6-7 months. We got to fuck on numerous occasions again and she new who had fucked me, who cares i had her in every which way possible and fucking her arse was our secret. I wonder if she ever gave her stunning arse to her hubby

I made enough for me to bugger off to Mauritius for 6 months where i worked on a yacht. Here we had a ball.4 young guys on a yacht with wall to wall bored milf pussy.My mate couldn't believe how i had worked and scored under the bosses nose. If there is a will there's away and i took my gap.