Written by Herbig

24 Nov 2016

This Black Friday thing reminded me of what happened the last one a year ago. I was minding my own business in my office and a colleague pops his head through the door and asks me to check FB. I was busy with some work shit and was happy to take a quick break.

Thinking it was something to do with black Friday and I knew my wife would be out there spending my hard earned dimes, nonetheless I’m always happy to please her in every way that I can.

So goes onto FB and scroll my timeline to check what Brian wanted me to see and he’s suggested a friend to me. A smiley faced Birdie Num Num that already sent an electrical current to my hormones. Okay….so I befriend her and left it at that.

I get home late and my wife has done her shopping and half emptied my coffers and I’m trying hard not to look concerned. And then we eat and everything else hit the sack. She’s wearing a new Heidi Klum and I know she wants me to Cum. That’s my moto. She knows it. Give my hand a Klum and I Cum. We’re laying there under the sheets and I’m fingering her new panty in a 69 while she sucks my cock off and we ended missionary with her suggesting a cream-pie. That was all cool. I loved it. Always enjoyed my wife’s body. She’s my number one. Needless to say I have had very erotic experiences with other women.

After another half hour or so of cuddling and kissing, she drops off to sleep and because I couldn’t I went onto our balcony to see the stars and check my inbox.

So who’s there on FB, I don’t know why, but Birdie Num Num. We hit it off from the word go. She wasn’t shy and knew what she wanted which was to fuck me senseless although she didn’t say so at the time. I fucking sat under the stars that night, well-oiled from my wife and mind fucked this stunning babe on FB. She got me going though. Sent me a horny pic, her pussy getting fingered by herself and a face shot to prove it was her. I was eventually laying back among the pot plants rubbing my bean. I’ll say it again, there’s nothing nicer than having a woman who’s not shy to pull the moves. We fucked each other raw that night and it ended with me shooting my load all over my hand and her pounding her clit.

I got back into bed and my wife’s like still sound asleep and I’m dribbling all over her buttocks. We spooned the whole night and early morning before I got up she pulled her Klum to the side and let me enter her. The rest was pure bliss.