10 May 2017

I have met this white lady here on this site (Monique) that's not the real name but something very close, we exchange few email and later I had her numbers.. We chat for few days and decided to meet at the Coffee shop around Greenstone Hill. The good thing was that we were both so professional and no one would suspect anything as she was shy of this 1st Black encounter date. We had coffee and chat more more more her eyes glued to mine and mine to her.. we then agreed to meet again for drinks two days later.. on my way to the restaurant as we have agreed she dropped me a pin(location) on whatsApp asking me to come to her apartment because she was tired and had some work to do.. I started to be nervous but since I have met her before, I didn't mind the invite. I got there she was wearing short skirt and formal top.. books and documents on her table. I was offered a seat and offered a glass of red as she had a open plan lounge and kitchen she asked me to come help open the bottle and I stood up, open the wine she had two glasses in hand so I started to pour and I mistakenly spill the wine on her left hand. I try to apologize and asked for the cloth to wipe her hand.. She then told me she wouldn't mind if I lick her hand dry myself.

I then put the bottle down with one hand and my other hand was holding her warm soft hand. I started to lick her hand and while I was busy she came closer and put down the glasses, I then look at her deep in her sexy eyes, she grabbed me and I grab her closer to we started kissing and she was undressing me and I was doing the same thing, whitin a minute or so we were both naked.. I then lift her up put her on the kitchen counter... started to lick her Boobs and to squeeze the so gentle, I went down her tummy with my tongue and she moved her upper body against the wall and her legs wide open... moaning and breathing heavily grabbing me by my head .. I then open her legs my hands squeezing her bum while she siting with her legs wide open, my head in between her legs.. I started to lick her pussy so soft and gentle as she was dripping wet (moaning and pushing her pussy up and down towards my face) I rolled my tongue around her clit as I was grabbing and squeezing her bums.. her pussy is so wet and she can't help but to have orgasim while I'm on her with my mouth muffing and licking her wet tight pussy..

I then lift her up and ask ( May I as I showed her the way to the room) as I was hold her and moving wall to wall towards the bedroom we were kissing so passionately.. I entered the room throw her to the bed.. she put her hands on her pussy legs wide open and asked me to get the condoms by the drawer.. as I got the condom I ripped the paper away as I was about to put it on she jumped into me grab my hard rock thick dick.. she started by sucking slowly putting it inside and taking out to lick side by side.. my dick was getting more hard, I pushed her and put the condom.. I get on top while here legs are wide open. I slide slow deep inside then I pull out it was so tight. Although wet I then went slow deeper then move slow deep inside out and I could feel her coming as she was grabbing me tight and squeezing her tight pussy around my dick as she was coming non stop, I then go deeper and faster my dick was getting harder as her push was so tight.. I then turn her around to come from behind, I stood on my feet not knees then I pulled her hair while I was riding her harder faster, sliding side to side, she was loud and.l was worried about neighbors as she was shouting begging me to fuck her and begging me to forgive her and tell me she can't stop coming.. I couldn't hold my self this time I was also coming, I then pull it out take the condom off she took inside her mouth I couldn't help no more I just came and filled her mouth with my warm sperm and I really had a good cum of amount..

After that we relaxed and started talking as confess that she never had a black dick or any other than white.. We then start were we left and

To be continued


I'm sure she will soon write about the encounter her self as we both agreed to share our fun with other swingers..