Written by Humpty

26 Mar 2014

I have met a white cpl some few months back at a casino where I was wasting a bit of money. I stood at the machine softly swearing when this brunette came walking up to me. First I thought she heard my swearing and was about to get me chucked out, as she was neatly dressed a bit old fashioned and company corporate like. Well imagine my surprise when she said she loves it when a man show his emotions. after we introduced ourselves and a little chatting she then said I must not move, She wanted to intoduce her hubby to me and maybe have a drink or two. I then met her hubby and we chatted for a while and they then invited me for a drink at a restaurant in the casino. She sat opposite me and started to play with my feet. Now I was terrified that her husband would see, but she kept on and moved her chair almost on top of me. She sometimes lean over me so that i had to feel her breasts. Suddenly her hubby stood up and said we are waisting time now and his wife would like to have a bbc and she feels comfortable with me and we should leave and book into a motel. After booking the room i went for a quick shower and then she entered with ounly her very small panties and bra. She joined me in the shower and we started kissing and feeling each other. She did not want me to undress her as she said her hubby would do that. We entered the room where he was sitting naked and playing with his cock. He then removed her underwear slowly while she kissed me. She then lay back on the bed and I started to suck her tits while putting my finger in her soaking wet pussy. I then burried my head in her thighs and started to lick and suck on her pink pussy. She grabbed hubbys cock and started to wank him. He came quickly and she swallowed all. With my mouth on her now extra wet pussy I heard her moaning and then she came with a roar. Her hubby told me to now fuck her and do a good job as I was her first black cock ever and its up to me if i ever wanted to fuck her again. needless to say I performed like never before. Her husband was standing behind me and he held her legs wide open while i fucked this white sexy woman. She then started to moan again and i know she is close again. I then slowed my pace and slowly pumping faster again. after the third time she started to scream that I must fuck her hard as she cannot held back any longer. I did just that and when she came it was heavenly and I shot my load over her tits. We laid on the bed catching our breath when her husband started fiddling with her again Quickly we started fucking again while hubby held her hand. She quickly reached another orgasm and said she had enough for the evening. She however gave me a blowjob and another load ended in her face and over her tits.

Needless to say we are now regulars and have been fucking ever since. Her hubby loves to watch us and never joins us.