20 Jun 2017

Time has been against me since our last meeting with (Monique) ...

Finally Im back in Jhb from traveling (working out of town)

We had plan to meet on Friday and I said I will confirm in the Morning since it was the public holiday, I then met with my cousin and forgot to say if we were meeting or not.. later after dinner I decided to ditch my cousin and see if we can still meet with (Monique)

On my way home from Parkhurst around 20:45, I called her and asked if it was safe for me to come, she agreed as we both reside in the same neighborhood on my arrival in Greenstone we to garage bought condoms then drove straight to her estate as I was horny like no body's business, little did I know that the lady was hungry as I was.. When I arrived at the gate security New I was coming because the lady has already called the gate and aske them to open on my arrival.

I knock briefly and open as I was opening she was also opening.. wearing a robe and shot night dress under.. I greeted she greeted while holding my hand she locked the door with the other hand and pushed to the wall. We started kissing and I was already hard so as I gently kiss her I was pushing my hard cock against her pussy.. I then started to grab her boobs and squeeze them gently as we were kissing so passionately, I then moved my hand down and I was so hard to feel the lace underware I then rub her pussy and her undies were soaken wet..

I lifted her took her to the couch because I was so horny to walk further to the room. As put her on the couch she started ripping my clothes off, as we kissed I then removed her panties and her pussy was so so wet my dick got harder as I was rubbing her with my hand and playing with her clit (moaning so helpless)

I took off my Jeans to the knee level as I was topless I then put her in top of me kissing and stuff she the grab my hard as rock cock and try to slide inside her tight wet pussy, as I go deep we both realize we didn't put a condom, as I was reaching for my jacket she already had a pack and was busy opening it.. All sorted my cock covered with further light, I then place her on top and I tried to be gentle so that her pussy could stretch a bit and be able to accommodate my hard black cock, but the lady was uncontrollably as she was trying to sit it deeper and deeper inside her pussy (sreaming, moaning and grabbing me as tight as she can) I went deeper so passionately as we were not really fucking this time rather making good love and giving ourself to each other..

I made her hold the couch as I was taking her from behind, this is when he'll break loose as I was really fucking her harder and deeper and her pussy was getting to tight and she was just coming every minute and praising my black hard cock ( omg fuck me hard oh!! Oh baby give it to me.. oh oh oh fuck I'm coming again., ah ah ah baby it's to deep..) at this time I could not hold back.. I was shooting coming hard and going deeper to pleasure my lady.. after I can she took off the condom and clean my dick with her mouth..

While doing that she was only asking how am doing, how did I spend the day,my cock was still rock hard although I came. ....

That night I never went home I slept over... you can imagine what happen throughout the night and morning all I can say 6 condoms were not enough, but we had enough and as much as we can. (Monique) was no longer shy of her neighbours as didn't mind waking up her house and leaving in daylight.

I'm sure you will here more from us as we both comfotable and sober about what we doing, hopefully later we will be partners and play together but for now I don't think she will agree she still like to enjoy my black Cock all by her self...


Part 3 is coming maybe it will be me and you (ladies only)

Top deck chocolate is the best trust me.