01 May 2018

Koekie and I discussed her birthday bash that coming weekend, I asked her if she would like to go out for dinner or stay at home and have friends and family over. She chose the friends and family, but there was a little twist to this decision. She wanted to seduce one of our swinger friends after the party. I thought this will be a fun way to celebrate her birthday and agreed. She needed some things from town for her plans so Friday morning we went to town.

We went to the pets department and selected 4 fabric dog neck belts for small dogs. They were fitted with quick release fittings. She put one of them around her wrist and adjusted it till it fitted tightly but also snuggle around her wrist. She did this with all four of the collars. Happy with what she had, she then asked for a 10 meter ski rope. This was available at the hardware department. We bought the meat, drinks and snacks for the party and went home.

Koekie asked me to do some preparations for her. She needed 4 pieces of Ski rope, one on each foot of the double bed each about 2 meters long. I cut the rope into 4 pieces and tied the one end of each rope securely to the legs of the bed and at the other end I tied the fabric dog collars tightly to the silver ring meant for the leash, I pushed the rope under the bed so that it was hidden from prying eyes. Koekie was searching in her cupboard for some special clothes and once she had found all that she was looking for she went and stored it in the spare room. I was still not sure what her plans were and she did not give me much information as to what she was planning.

The children were there early the Saturday morning and our friends only came the afternoon at 3 o’ Clock. We all had fun celebrating her special day. A good laugh and a fabulous braai. Just before dark the Children all said their goodbyes and went home, they needed to get our grandchildren into a bath and ready for bed. Our friends stayed a while longer and we chatted and laughed, the conversation slowly turned into a sexual discussion about surprise strippers jumping out of cakes and male hunks dressed as cops.

Koekie and Mrs Friend left Mr Friend and me chatting about the “girl in a cake” strippers. Making jokes of how we would eat them with the cakes whipped cream. Meanwhile the girls slipped into the bedroom.

Mrs Friend and koekie came back into the living room and both had night gowns on, they were not even closed properly, sexy legs protruding from the open overlaps of the silky gown. I knew that koekie was starting to put her plan into place and Mrs Friend knew exactly wat koekie had in mind. Mrs Friend sat down next to Mr Friend on his left, koekie sat down on his right. Both ladies had smooth sexy legs tightly pushed against his thighs. Their hands moving over his clothed legs and tummy. He knew he was going to get lucky. He did not know what was waiting for him.

The two ladies undid his shirt, button by button. Their hands not still for a moment softly caressing his back, his shoulders, chest, running their fingers through his chest hairs, they started kissing his neck from both sides, then removed his shirt and then he leaned back on the couch, exposing his pants zip, hoping that one of these ladies would undo his trouser. But no luck, they just stroked his body with soft sensual hands, their lips kissing every exposed piece of skin. Koekie started flicking her tongue tip at his ear getting a response of Goosebumps all over his body and the two girls giggled. Nibbling softly on his earlobe koekie moved to his neck giving soft wet kisses. Mrs Friend followed koekies lead and added more pleasure to her husband’s experience. They both moved to his chin kissing and whipping their tongues at his skin. He opened his mouth slightly expecting to get a kiss from one of the ladies, but they did not kiss him, instead they started French kissing each other, mere millimetres from his face. He motioned forward to kiss them but they both pushed him back with a thud!. Gave him a solid look as if to say … wait your chance!

The two ladies moved their hands off him slowly and made contact with each other with their fingertips, holding hands they pulled each other closer, they were both on Mr Friends lap. Mr Friend stared at these two girls making out on his lap. With hot kisses and flicking tongues they started touching each other’s soft breasts and playing with erect nipples. Intentionally rubbing all over Mr Friend’s body, making whimpering sounds, they caressed each other. Every now and then “accidently” pressing or sliding an elbow across this enclosed rock hard penis, and not allowing it to escape his trousers. Mr Friend had to endure these two ladies making foreplay on his lap for about 10 minutes not allowed to touch or participate.

As suddenly as it started they stopped, they took his hands and together they led him from the lounge to the bedroom. He was very excited, a huge bulge visible in his pants. Throbbing visibly as he let himself be led off. One sexy lady on either side of him, he must have thought he was in Heaven. The view as they walked off was stunning. Two beautiful ladies in silky, slightly see through gowns either side of a man in in a tight denim trouser, his shirtless chest and back rippling with muscles.

They stood at the beds foot end … looking at him seductively and making seducing movements with their hands and bodies… teasing him by not letting him touch them anywhere. Mrs Friend slowly undid her husband’s buckle and leather belt, being careful not to touch his stiff penis, koekie was at his back pushing down his untied pants and jockey slowly till they both dropped down in a bundle on the ground, his hard throbbing penis springs erect both girls let out a gasp of delight. The girls went down on their knees and blew their hot breath on his stiff penis, not touching, but mocking with their tongues as if to lick its head while their hands moved over his soft ass but they moved on. His shoes and socks were removed in a sensual way with hands moving lightly against his skin and inner thighs. Standing upright the girls glided their hands over him touching ever so lightly on his body, their fingers tickling him on the back, sides and torso rubbing their nearly naked bodies against his. With a whisper hey told him to lay down in the centre of the King size bed. He obliged without restraint knowing that he was getting closer to heaven itself.

With one hot lady on his left and one on his right he lay there waiting to see what was going to happen, wondering if they would both play with his rock hard cock, sucking and licking on it. His ball sack pulled together from lust, his erection pointing up towards the celling.

They took his hands and pulled his arms to the side, he was now laying spread eagled on the bed, then quickly without a warning the girls bent down and pulled the rope with the attached fabric dog collars and the quick release locks from under the bed and with a quick smooth motion they clipped the collars around his wrists!. He was shocked... Stunned... know he knew that he was a slave to sexual desires and venerable to the desires of a lady, with no chance of free movement. He turned his head sideways and looked at his hands and then up at the two gorgeous giggling ladies.

They moved to the bottom of the bed slow and sensual and with mocking smiles they took the other two ropes and tied it around his ankles, the collars needed a slight adjustment to fit. Mr Friend was now a prisoner of the birthday girl, and HE was going to be her toy.

Koekie turned and walked to the spare room looking back with a naughty smile. Mrs Friend turned her back on him and came and sat down next to me. (If I was not such a shy and scared person then I would have touched her all over and freed myself of a huge desire. But a burning feeling of rejection ensures that I behave myself.)

I sat still and watched what was about to happen.

Mr Friend looked at Mrs Friend and asked what is happening, but she totally ignored him adding to his sexual fear of the unknown.

As soft music starts to play in the background, koekie comes around the corner, a mixed image of beauty, her sexuality is overwhelming. She has dressed as a cowgirl, with a short tightly fitting hot pants, clinging to her sexy ass curves, a clearly visible camel-toe of her virgina showing at the front, a chequered shirt with only 2 buttons buttoned between her boobs, and the rest of the shirt knotted at her belly, one shoulder slightly open where the shirt has moved off. Her soft belly skin showing. Clearly she has no bra or panty on. A cowboy hat slightly slanted on her head with her long reddish brown hair flowing from under the hat over her shoulders. She stands leaning against the wall, one leg straight and one knee slightly pulled up. Thumbs hooked into the belt guides. Her cowboy knee high boots help make the outfit perfect. She stands still for a moment in the door way giving us a chance to admire the scenery.

I heard Mr Friend let out a gasp, much louder than mine and mutter a comment to embrace her beauty. Mrs Friend sitting so close to me and looking so sexy and hot, I don’t think she knew but I heard her almost silent utter of pleasure at her girlfriends full view. I know inside that Mrs Friend would have loved to be part of this coming scene.

Koekie moves seductively to Mr Friend’s side, extends her arm and lets her fingers trail over his body, her fingers move from his feet to his outer thigh and over his side as he shudders, down over his chest to his tummy and draws a circle around his bellybutton … up again to softly pinch his nipples. Using her long nails she traces a path from his erect nipples down past his belly over his hips, and to his inner thigh never touching his penis or private area, she walks with a sexual motion around the bed looking him in his eyes … never breaking eye contact and not lifting her nails off from his body. A smile ever present on her face, her red lips opened slightly and her tip of her tongue almost not visible. Mr Friend breathing hard as his arousal becomes unbearable, she leans forward and over Mr Friend her mouth finds his erect nipple and she bites it softly. His back arches as his pleasure takes over, there is no stopping now. She moves her hips close to his hand, not allowing him to touch her, she teases his fingers with her camel toe, almost allowing him the pleasure of touching her pussy. Koekie gives a little gasp of pleasure when she sees his pre-cum seeping out of his rock hard cock. She moves closer to his penis blowing wind over his ball sack and then dips the tip of her tongue into his pre-cum, she moves her tongue in a small circular motion around the hole at the tip of his cock. The pre-cum trailing her tongue and wetting his cocks head. He tries to thrust his hips up to shove his cock into her mouth but she had anticipated that and he failed. He started to beg her to suck on his cock, she moved away. Koekie stood at the base of the bed close to his feet with her back toward him … she bent over and rubbed her camel toe against his foot, he gasped out loud and groaned as he failed to indulge in that pussy touching his feet. She let out a giggle and turned around. Without removing her clothing she opened her legs wide and straddled him, his penis touching her lower back. She edges forward rubbing her hot pants covered camel-toe on his tummy slowly moving over his chest and up to his face and back down again, her legs still spread wide over his tummy, she leans forward and starts teasing him with her red soft luscious lips, so close to his, then sucking his lower lip into her mouth. Softly biting on his lip, she gives him a quick kiss and he begs for more. With her boobs laying on his chest, he can feel the pointy nipples poking his chest. She opens her mouth and moves closer to his lips again, mocking him a few times as though she was going to kiss him, suddenly she leans forward and starts kissing him passionately her tongue finding his, he moans and she groans, I know now that she is losing control and is getting very horny. Her gasps get louder and he matches her mouths every motion.

She sits up suddenly and starts removing her top, unbuttons the two top buttons and loosens the knot as quickly as she can. She throws the cowboy hat to one side, rips off her shirt, throws it after the hat and drops forward her boobs in his face. He tries his best to get hold of the nipples wanting to suck on them, but with no hands his chances are slim. She takes her boobs into her hands caressing them and puts her nipples in his mouth allowing him to suck on her nipples, pure words of pleasure seeping from their mouths. Koekie slides off him to the side and begins running her mouth all over his chest and neck, she plays with her boobs while licking and sucking on his nipples. Koekie has no more control she is now horny as hell. She gets off the bed, standing next to him where his hand can touch her pussy, now defiantly wet and slimy, she moves her hips in a back and forth motion as he struggles to get full contact with her camel-toe. After a while she lets out a huge gasp and pulls away quickly, seconds away from an orgasm. She stands back and drops her pants, kicking them to one side. Her Knee high boots find a place next to the cowboy hat. Now completely naked and very horny.

She again moves closer to his hand, lowering her clean shaven pussy so that he can touch and play. She enjoys the moment, feeling his finger slip easily into her wet pussy. Gasping she allows him to rub and play with her pussy for a while, rubbing her clitoris, she gulps for air feeling her orgasm creeping closer.

Swiftly she gets on the bed and sits spread legged over his chest in the 69 position, her pussy very close to his mouth but not close enough for him to lick her. She drops forward and starts teasing his cock with her breath and then flicking her tongue against his throbbing shaft. His pre-cum wet and slimy over his entire throbbing cock head. Her hands cradle his balls and she strokes his ball sack. Her mouth very close to his erection, she starts licking at the dribbled pre-cum, smearing it on her red lips. She massages his ball sack and balls with both hands, his back is arched and he is trying his utmost to reach her juicy pussy with his mouth, moaning with pleasure she pushes back her ass and he gets his first taste of her pussy and its juices. He lets out a victory moan as she pushes her wet pussy hard into his face, she groans with delight and lets him lick her pussy over and over pushing his tongue as deep as he can into her warm slimy hole. She leans forward, slowly and softly stroking his solid cock with her hands. His cock and her red lips are saturated with his pre-cum. She lowers her mouth and aligns his cock with her mouth. His cock touches her soft lips, she then squeezes her red luscious lips tightly together and slowly she forces the rock hard cock against her tightly closed lips, with continued pressure her lips part slightly, he shudders and tries to nudge his cock deeper into her mouth, its feels like breaking a virgin, she keeps her lips sealed tightly, with every push she can feel his huge cock parting her lips and mouth a little bit more, his strong cock now pushing past her tightly clamped lips as the pre-cum assists in the entry making it impossible for her to keep her lips clamped. As the head of Mr Friends cock breaks through koekies tightly squeezed lips and penetrates deep into her mouth he explodes with a huge load of cum. She rolls her tongue over his head as he squirts his creamy cum into her hot mouth, she starts sucking his head begging for another drop, not stopping, his sensitive head throbbing with pleasure as he tries to avoid her mouth and tongue movements, she will not let up. She sucks and licks feeling him grow limp she thrusts her pussy back into his face and smears her pussy juices all over his face.

Mrs Friend watched as Mr Friend tried to get his cock past koekies lips, encouraging him to push harder and get his cock into her mouth, she was excited to a high level, seeing her husband struggle to get his cock past koekies lips and into her mouth, she kept mumbling push harder! and go deep!, her hands were on her boobs rubbing and squeezing, then she dropped her hand to her pussy and started playing with herself, (I thought to myself ….if only it was me playing with her that would have been fun). Mrs Friend had a huge orgasm a few seconds before MR Friend broke through koekies sealed lips and came in her mouth. Mrs Friend was spent her hard and fast breathing proof of the excitement she had witnessed. Mrs Friend had surely enjoyed the show.

Koekie still riding MR Friends face feels his rod hardening again and moans in pleasure. She feels his cock begin to throb, getting harder until it is back to full erection. Swinging around she straddles his cock, slowly lowering herself onto him, his huge hard cock slipping into her tight wet pussy, gliding through the slippery pussy lips. She needs to cum and she wants to cum now! She moves up and down going as deep as she can and feeling his big cock slam into the inside of her pussy. Wiggling and pushing she fucks as hard as she can hoping to get a second chance of him getting another orgasm, feeling herself very close to her orgasm she can no longer hold back and goes to finish herself off. She feels the growing pressure building in his big cock as it thickens inside her. She is astonished that he is again ready to explode his load. This excites her even more and she grabs for her clit and rubs her fingers across her aroused clit, his cock slipping in and out even faster, she reaches climax and screams as her throbbing tight pussy squeezes around his huge cock. Her throbbing pussy muscles contracts tightly with each throb, Mr Friend himself can feel every contraction of koekies pussy clamping his cock. Feeling this awesome feeling pushes Mr Friend over the edge and he comes uncontrollably a second time spending his second load deep inside koekies wet throbbing pussy. She relaxes on Mr Friend’s chest leaving his cock inside her as his cum seeps out between her pussy and his cock.

Koekie lay there for a minute or two then sat up next to Mr Friend. She said to him … hmmm best birthday ever!!!!!

She released Mr Friend’s belts around his wrists and ankles. He gave koekie a hug and a long juicy kiss and said he liked it to. The next day he messaged koekie and told her that he did not want to make a big issue in front of his wife but that was one of the best ejaculations he has ever had and that he would do it again in a heartbeat.

All three of them had awesome orgasms and enjoyed koekies Birthday very much.

Making koekie happy, and seeing her happy is my point in life and whatever she wants she gets. Lol so watch out people …. If she wants you I will do my utmost to get you!!!!!

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