Written by Theo

03 Apr 2016

There is a couple have been seeing for about a year now.But last night was very different as there invited me to there house in Howick which is about 100km from where l live.By the way l live in Durban.

The woman is on the large side with clean shaved and tight white pussy, well when got there hubby was there at gate welcome me.l went to the house offered me a cup coffee had a chat there told me there teenage boys had gone for a braai would back around 12 mid night..

I started fiddling her breast and she led me to the spare room which was prepared for our encounter. She started by taking my and the hubby cocks in her mouth.My big black was rock hard.She laid her back and licked her.Before l shoved cock balls deep in her tight pussy she started to cum while she had her husband cock in her mouth.

She came on top of me and sat on my cock she rode me until cum inside her.As we lay on the bed kissing l told her husband to suck my cock which he did and my cock got hard again then l fucked his wife again.