20 Oct 2018

Wow. Just great for a Saturday afternoon meeting with a colored cross dresser. I've had a few meetings with him/her before. Always kept in touch. Today I asked her to meet me and she was keen. Picked her up from work and took her to adult world. Paid the entry fee as she was a bit nervous as she never went to one of these dark rooms before. We get in and I give her the tour. Show where the guys get their cocks sucked. Saw a white couple naked in one of the cubicles having fun. We went to another cubicle. She was very nervous. Walked around again and then she settled down. Locked the door and started getting naked. She rubbed my clean shaved cock and balls. I rubbed her cock thru her panty. She dresses like a proper lady but has a nice 14cm cock. We get on the bed in 69 and busy sucking. My cock getting to full 17cm erect. We carry on sucking and wanking each other hard. She asks for me to get a condom and fuck her in her tight man pussy. I put my shorts back on and go get a condom. I spread her thick muscle thighs and spit on her ass. While putting the condom on she also strokes her cock. I'm getting hard and start to find her pussy hole. Then I push in and too much of my cock got in and hurt her. She jumps forward and takes a break to cool her ass. We go at it again this time I hold a bit of my cock towards the base so that all of it does not go in again and hurt. Rubbing my cock in with spit has a great feeling. Using my other hand I'm stroking her cock. Now she's hot. Takes the shirt off. Then she says take it out as it's hurting again. She wants me to suck her and cum. I get on my knees and suck the cock hard. Then I feel cum squirting in my mouth. Hot loads of cum. I spit out. Now it's my turn to cum. She sucks again hard. Deep throat her after taking the condom off. I start pumping hard and feeling like I want to cum. A few minutes more of pumping and I shoot my hot cum in her mouth. She spits as well. We clean up and leave. I drop her back at work and make sure we going to meet again. Next time in a hotel with enough lube. Read my next story soon. Cheers