Written by nizwiz

14 Mar 2017

one day in Hong Kong it was raining and i had searched this male sauna on the internet cut the story short i found it ..jumped of the double decker bus walked few meters and found it .

went in, paid entrance fee and of to change clothes .

I was hesitant to change while so many chinese with small cocks looking at me. never the less i started changing to the underwear then wrapped my body with towel and dropped the underwear .

headed to the showers, looking at all chinese. I got bit afraid so went around looking at what they have, well they have one room with naked chinese singing in the room . they had a steam room they had a sauna as well as small pool with warm water as well and cold water in another pool.. so decided to head back to the shower and see how it goes .

went there and there was a Q. I stood there looking at so many cocks and asses some so young some as old as 75 years. my turn came and i took off the towel hangged it and start bathing naked as if there was no one around .Me just 1 Indian amongst 100s chinese so took it easy start lathering my body and rinsed it . decided to do it again then seconds later I felt some hand touching my back when i turned i saw 2 indian men in there late 20s behind me smiling so i said nothing and carried on . they got the message. I was game...

they started touching more and more till i fineshed and headed to the steam room that was so crowded once you go in you hardly see any thing. in the interem these 2 guyse finished shower so fast and followed me, we went in there and next thing i felt some one fondling my hard cock... well that was the indian guy

i said nothing or never moved his hand this is a sign to say its ok .

the other guy came behind me and i could feel his hard cock touching my ass cheek slowly the sandwiched me and i was kinda confused .. happy... shocked ... all in one .

then one of them started kissing my neck and started to go down .

the other guy was positioning his cock in between

my ass cheek without allowing him to penetrate just brushin at this moment i was like in heaven 2 guys one kissing my stomach one brushing his HARD cock till the front guy started sucking my COCK... and wow his mouth was soooo wet felt like a cunt, so i was building up and pushed him a way as it was too early to cum .I moved a way deep in side the dark room and parked away from them,by then so many chinese men came closer and started touching my cock and the next thing i felt was like so many chinese kissing my body as if i am some angel from god,let alone how many men were trying to get hold of my hard cock to suck it.....

after that i was so close to cuming so i pushed aside who ever was sucking my cock and i let a loud moan to alert them that i am so close .. did they move ? oh no they just kept close to my cock till i started exploding loads and loads of cum on there faces and this really made them more horny... l start making my way out to bath yet again thinking they will be doing the same ... well they followed me and i looked at few of them were licking my cum off there faces and smiling and 2 of them gave me the thumb up lol

went to bath and changed and hopped on to the bus back to the airport to come back to south africa ..

till then hope you all enjoyed this