Written by surferbabe

30 Jul 2013

This past Friday night my bf an i went out after some drinks at home, we went to a afrikaans pub and it was busy, we stood at the bar my bf ordered drinks and started to chat with some guy he knew next to him my eye imediatly caught this guy checking me out he was younger than me at the table where 4 other good looking guys and a girl sat the guy sortof winked me over.. i told my bf im going to find a seat "meaning im going to chat with the guy over there" the guys introduced themselves and they all flirted and complimented me, i was told the guy who lured me over was still a virgin i pittied him saying howcome hes so attractive i leant over and kissed him , i looked up for my bf and saw him whatching me from the bar so i continued sitting there flirting with this young hunk, after a hour the guys dared me to give him a decent kissing so all exited i lead him ouside onto the deck and into a very quiet corner and started to kiss him pattinately i knew my bf followed us to keep an eye but i continued i then took his hand and told him tofeel my breast he was soo happy he was also blushing and he was shaking from exitment i knew he was really a virgin for the way he felt me was unlike anyone ever has so i thought to myself id love to be his first i gentley rubbed his inner leg untill i reached the feal of his allready erect penis, from what i could feel through his jeans was unreal it felt huge compared to my bf. I asked him if he would like it if i took him home qnd told him about my bf, he was sort of bumbed but over happy to join us at home, we found my bf who allready knew what i know was up to, so we went to the other guys and said we are leaving who then insissted they wanted to come with for they where all driving together i agreed, at home we all chatted for a while my bf put music on and poured drinks while i was all over the boy i admired earlier we kissed he occasionally felt up my shirt. A song played that i liked allot and got up to dance all 4 guys cheared and wowed me on this gave me a idea to speed thing up withmy fling and i seductively danced and removed my top, the guys became silent my bf had the biggest smike ever, so i continued dancing i grabbed the guys hand pulled him up had him dance with me i remember taking his nand to feel my breast and i whispered to him to remove my bra what he did after struggling for a few min. I was know ready i wanted to feel someone inside me but the other guys sitting with my bf where all complimenting me and my bf,. Another guy came up from behind and we danced very clos i could feel the guy behind mes erection tgrough his pants i purred in his ear as he leant on my sholder in seconds he had his hand infront of my jeansfelt his hand covering my pussy he pushed hard from behind this pushed me over the edge i ripped the guy infront of mes pants of as fast as i good let loose hi huge cock and jerked him slowly i felt my pants drop to the floor i had no panties on sonow was naked ifront of 4 guys and my bf, i then demanded the virgin guy to lay down on the floor i then slowly lowered myself on him while looking at my bf telling him thanks babe for letting me do this tonight ive always wanted to havd sex whike beeing whatched ifucked him for about 5 minute until he said hes going to com so i pulled out and gave him head and swllowed his come whike i was bending over to suck him off i was allready penetraded from behind and all of the guys where now naked i ended up fucking all 4 guys and my bf till the sun came up the morning we all layed in my jard tanning naked and occasoinally helping myself to who i wanted