14 Mar 2019

Being in sales in the security industry I meet new people on a daily basis and have long had this fantasy of hooking up with one of my clients.. well as luck would have it yesterday I set up an appointment for a quote this morning. I got there a couple of minutes early and rang the bell, this gorgeous older lady opened the door, and I immediately recognized her as somone I often see in the area and always thought she looked sexy.. she was dressed in a nice summer dress and my eyes noticed the shape of her nipples, needles to say she wasnt wearing a bra. We introduced ourselves and started chatting. As she showed me through the house I often caught a glimpse of her stunning ass from behind and I just couldnt help staring at her titties, they were so perfect.. she caught me once or twice checking her out and I could see she enjoyed it.. our last stop was in the main bedroom, while I was chatting about the security equipment she sat herself down on the bed and I could see she pulled her dress a little higher than needed.. I immediately felt my dick rise in my pants and ime sure she could see it, at this moment she leaned over to get something on her side table, I could see she didnt have a panty on and immediately moved towards her, I just couldnt stop myself.. she sat up as I got to her and asked me if I liked what I saw.. I didnt say a word but moved closer so she could see my rock hard dick and to my amazement she reached out and started touching it, immediately unzipping my pants and forcing me to push it into her mouth.. I thought I was instantly going to cum, but I didnt, she sat on the bed sucking me for a couple of minutes then layed back onto the bed while took my pants off.. her pussy was glorious and I went at it with my tongue, licking and sucking her until she begged me to lay down as she got on top of me, still dressed she started riding my cock, she moaned as I could feel her orgasm on top of me, I couldnt hold it any more and shot my load deep inside her.. she fell down next to me and asked if she could clean me up and I obliged, she started sucking my dick clean and I could feel myself getting hard again.. round 2, I thought for myself but she stopped me and said she had somewhere to be.. but assured me this is not the last of it, as she would have some questions regarding the quotation that I would have to come explain at some stage.. needless to say she accepted the quotation and ime sure she will stay one of my favourite clients for a long time.