Written by Mistrymike

01 May 2016

I have been a member of this site for four years. However, I have to tell you that as a single straight male player it is not really a lot of fun.

In all this time, I met one sexy girl from this site and we had great fun. Sexual tension could be felt every time we met or even just in our chats. I then had to move on unfortunately.

With that as background, it is easy to see that not really much happened and why it is not a lot of fun for a single guy.

I had some business in Gauteng to attend to last week and landed back in Cape Town on Friday afternoon. Had a few things to do before I could go back to Barrydale and eventually just decided to stay over and drive back Saturday morning.

I needed a place to stay and found a hotel in Milnerton and drove over. Settled in the room and decided to check up on Swinging Heaven after I finished some admin work. The chat-room was busy and there was a couple or two on who I thought was really sexy.

Looked around and eventually looked at the “Quickies” It was after eleven I have to add. Saw an ad a couple posted and that they were looking for another couple to have some fun with. Wrote a short note and told them how I wish I was part of a couple and that we could then have some fun with them. Had a reply back within a minute telling me to come over. Asked them if they were serious. Gave them my cell number, got directions and drove over.

Peter (not his real name) met me at the door and invited me over. Then I met Angela inside(not her real name). Totally blown away, she is beautiful.

Settled down, Peter poured me a drink and suggested Angela stoke the fire. Well she stoked more than the fire as she bent over to attend to the fire, her skirt rode up and her G-string clad toned butt showed with just a thin film of material covering her pussy. I think my jaw dropped!!

We chatted a bit, and then decided to play cards with the losers having to strip off. Not long and we were all naked. Then the fun started. We danced, we touched and stroked and ended up in a tangled heap skin on skin. Our hands and mouths worked overtime on each other. And yes, us guys played some which all of us enjoyed. At times, I really do not know who touched who where, it was pure sensual overload.

Earlier on Peter indicated that my penis slide into Angela’s pussy but neither of us was comfortable with that because we did not have condoms. I would have loved to though if we had condoms Angela!!

Eventually Angela and I landed up in a 69 with her on top. My tongue, mouth, and fingers worked overtime on her delicious pussy. Peter was part of the tangle but I completely focused on Angela moving against me and eating her pussy.

We relaxed and then realized that we played through the night. It was time for me to leave. I arrived back at the hotel just before six and it was only a twenty-minute drive.

Angela, Peter thank you for a night that I will remember for the rest of my life!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would get so lucky.