Written by Mrs Lomos

23 May 2018

Best Fuck by Far

I may be somewhat of a voyeur, maybe more so than I first realized. Seeing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eroticism is also in the same measure. Some people will see an incident and turn away untouched, while someone else will stop and stare with increasing arousal.

I grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape, a Karoo farm with mostly sheep, but also a few cattle, five horses that we used to patrol the camps with, a few donkeys for the pleasure of the children and about twenty pigs. I never asked the reason for keeping pigs. We couldn’t have made any money with the pigs because there were only a few. We slaughtered one or two a year and sold a few every year, but it never became an income generator.

When you grow up on a farm, you get used to animals breeding and specifically their mating habits. Some people will regard it as nothing more than nature’s way of ensuring survival of a species. For me it was always more than just breeding. Whenever I was alone and mating took place, I stopped to watch. I was, and still am, fascinated by the way these animals mate. Sheep and cattle will mount and with one forceful thrust enter the female, dump his load and withdraw in a few seconds. Horses and donkeys take more time and they hump a few times while searching entrance then thrust a few times, each time a little deeper. What fascinated me most is that the mare could accommodate such a huge penis and come back for more. The most humanlike is a pig, staying mounted for up to half an hour and to top it the boar seems to have a smug grin as if to say: “I did it my way”.

I never walked away from this untouched. I became horny from an early age but didn’t know what to do about it or even what it was. At age 14 or 15, I became aware of my female parts and the limited pleasure to be had by rubbing and probing. I also became aware of the male parts through interaction with the children of the farm workers. We played together and swam naked and curiosity led to exploitation. Although I was a horny little girl, I didn’t have sex until I was engaged to be married.

Because we played with the farmworkers’ children, we learned to speak their language. I was fluent in Xhosa as long as I can remember. It was a time that I will not change for anything in the world. I had the most interesting and satisfying childhood that any child could desire.

One thing that many women will not want to associate with is my infatuation with black cock. The mere thought of a huge black cock in my pussy pushes me over the edge, goose bumps and all. After I got married, I had my first fuck by a black man and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and a few after that over the years, not one of which I regret.

We are back on the same farm where I grew up, after a few years of traveling the country with my husband working for the Department of Agriculture and also the Department of Water Affairs. I loved the outdoors and the country life and also the fact that I could fuck a few of the workers without worrying what the neighbours would say.

I’m 36 now, still fit enough to walk for hours or be on horseback from early morning till late afternoon. My husband and I are still very much in love with each other and we still have an active sex life. He knows about my lust for black cock and also about all my previous encounters and it never caused any friction between us, on the contrary, it increased our passion.

We have a few permanent workers that are on the farm for as long as I can remember. We also make use of temporary labour during shearing and also when moving to summer grazing and back.

It was shearing time and we had a few old hands, temporary workers that report for work every year for as long as I can remember, with two or three new arrivals to learn the ways and to eventually take over. One of the new arrivals this season, Daniel, was in his early twenties, nothing spectacular, except for his friendliness and positive spirit. He kept the rest of the team alive with his witty remarks and subtle jokes, yet always ready to lend a helping hand. Because of his friendly and caring nature, he often begged an extra few jugs of refreshments, or an extra cup of wine at the end of the day and that scored him a few praises from the older men.

I often brought refreshments out to the shed and stayed around for a while, taking part in the joking and laughter. Daniel was always the first to help offload the refreshments and serving it to the others, always offering me the first cup. When they are finished, Daniel will gather the cups and jugs and load it on the bakkie, thanking me on behalf of the others.

I dress according to what the daily tasks dictates, slacks or jeans on horseback, shorts for most other outings. But when I’m to stay home for the day, I usually wear a dress only, with little else. If I don’t have to wear panties, I don’t, the same goes for a bra, but if I go out like taking refreshments out, I put a panty on at least.

Monday morning around ten I took tea and sandwiches out to the shed. Daniel fetched the tea and served mine first. I sat on the tailgate of the bakkie and when he brought my tea and fetch the sandwiches, I had to lean back and stretch back to reach the container, causing my dress to move up. I lifted my left leg to lean over to my right and backwards, exposing my crotch to this young man. I didn’t realise at first that he must have seen way up between my legs, but then he asked me to hand him a cloth from the same position. When I turned I saw his eyes on my legs and I knew why he wanted me to hand him the cloth. I reached for it, taking a little longer, lifting my leg a little higher and opening my legs just a little more, making three or four attempt to reach the cloth. His eyes were fixed on my crotch and when I held the cloth in my hand I kept it so that he would have to come closer to take it. He had a noticeable erection. He took the sandwiches to the others, leaving the cloth on the tailgate.

When he returned with the empty containers, I sat behind the wheel, sideways, with my right leg on the ground and my dress pulled up to expose my panties. He came round to thank me, squatting at the door, taking the opportunity to see more of me. I made small talk to keep him there, teasing him a little closely watching his reactions. My mind was in overdrive, seeing the lust in Daniel’s eyes, feeling the wetness slowly seeping out of me, afraid that he will see the wet spot on my panty. Thinking that Grant (my husband) will be away the whole of Tuesday, this was an opportunity not to be missed.

When Daniel got up his erection was very prominent and I asked him why he has an erection. His answer was straight forward: “I see you and I know it is wrong to look at the boss’ wife like this, but I can’t help it. My mtondo (penis) doesn’t listen to my head.”

“And what does your head say?” I asked

“My head says I must be careful, but my heart says my mtondo will lead the way” he answered without hesitation.

“Show me” I asked.

“Hau, you want to see?” he asked.

“Yes, I want to see that mtondo that doesn’t listen to your head.” I was smiling at him to put him at ease.

“I can show you, but not here. I’m afraid” he said.

“I think your head is talking too loud”. I tease him even more.

I got in and started the bakkie before I say anything more. My pussy is on fire and now my head is shouting to get away.

“Tomorrow, you must come to help me load the tea and sandwiches” I said before I left.

That night was one of the better lovemaking sessions; it was more fucking than lovemaking.

“What happened to you today?” Grant asked, referring to my arousal.

“Nothing unusual, why?” I asked, trying to sound innocent.

“You know what I’m talking about. You’re on fire. What happened?” he asked with a smile.

I told him just enough, making it sound as if it was nothing really, but he was not satisfied and asked for more detail. I had to comply, even telling him that I’m planning to see what Daniel hides in his pants. This led to more questions and suggestions, the more he asks, the hotter I become, thinking of all the possibilities.

I was up very early next morning, putting on my gown only as I will only dress after Grant left. I was at the kitchen table wrapping Grant’s sandwiches when he ran his hand under my gown, feeling my naked butt. He whistled a mock surprise, kissing my neck, and then cupping my pussy with one hand and a nipple between his fingers of the other hand.

“You’ll be late” I tried to get out of his embrace but only managed to turn around facing him.

“Don’t dress today” he says with a smile. “Stay like this. It will be much easier when I get back”

“I still have to take tea out to the shed” I reminded him.

His smile suddenly widened. “I would like to see that” he joked.

“You’ll get nothing done the whole day” I laughed.

“At least, don’t wear panties when you take their tea” he surprised me.

“Do you give me permission to flash my pussy” I asked, trying to let it sound playful.

“I will reap the benefits eventually” he said.

“Go, before I convince you to stay” I was getting much too hot for comfort.

I went with Grant to the gate about 50 yards from the house to close the gate behind him. Back in the house I took the vegetable peels and leftovers to the pigs. As luck would have it one of the sows was in heat and the boar just mounted when I got there. I walked around into the milk shed and peered over the low wall to watch the mating without being seen. I was wet even before I left the house, my pussy itching to be touched. This encounter just increased my lust.

It slipped my mind that I asked Daniel to fetch the refreshment from the house. He must have seen Grant leaving and thought it safe to come to the house in the hope of getting another opportunity to feed his forbidden lust and when he saw me walking to the pigsty and entering the milk shed, I think he must have burst from anticipation.

I only became aware of him when he greeted me. He also looked over the wall and saw the pigs busy and new I was watching the mating. He didn’t say anything; he turned around and walked into the washing room next door. I also turned around, aiming to go home, but then saw Daniel in the washing room rubbing his cock through his pants.

“UPhondo lobhejane?” I asked him, pointing to his crotch. (Horn of a Rhino)

“It is awake” he answered.

“Who woke him up? The pigs?” I teased

“No, you know it is you. When I see you like this I know you are ready and then my mtondo wakes up” he offers the explanation.

“If he is awake I must greet him” I walked closer and held out my hand. Daniel opened his fly and took out his cock, as stiff as a ramrod, head already glistening with precum. I feel my legs become jelly and my pussy flooded. I took his cock in my hand and slowly stroke it, Daniel pushing his hips forward as if to push his cock through my hand.

He reached out hesitantly, wanting to touch me anywhere. I opened my gown and his eyes bulged when he saw that I was naked under the gown. He touched my pussy, first with his fingers, then to cover it with his hand for a few seconds before he slipped a finger inside. I cried out, pushing forward, gripping his cock as if to strangle it. He immediately tried to enter me in the standing position but couldn’t get it in. I walked to the wash table and lifted myself onto it in a sitting position, opening my legs to give him access. With his second attempt, he entered me and just humping as fast and as deep as he can without any consideration for my satisfaction. Within less than a minute, he started cumming, pulling his cock out and finished on the floor. I was furious and scalded him for being selfish. I left him there and walked back home and cleaned up.

After about 10 minutes he knocked on the kitchen door. When I entered the kitchen he stood with his hat in his hand, apologising profusely for upsetting me, telling me that he was so utterly delighted to get such an opportunity that he had to grab it before it dissappeared, hence his selfishness. He continued to say that if I give him another opportunity, he will make sure that I am totally satisfied. I had a tough job to keep a straight face. This guy was an opportunist par excellence.

“What makes you think I will give you another chance?” I asked, trying to sound upset.

“My mtondo is begging for another chance” was his answer.

“Your mtondo did not satisfy me. It is still the mtondo of a young boy” I countered, trying to hide my arousal. If he jumps me now, I will be more than ready.

“Hau, a young boy does not have the horn of the Rhino” with that he took out his cock which has grown to a full erection by now.

I turned away wthout a word and went into the spare room and sat down on the bed, trying to stop trembling. Daniel followed a few seconds later, entering the room slowly, not knowing if he is welcome or not. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I dropped the gown on the bed and layed back. Daniel undressed quickly and positioned himself between my spread legs, taking his cock in his hand and ran it up and down my slit. I arched my back and lifted my hips to recieve him, moaning with anticipation. He pushed down and slipped right in and within two strokes he was completely inside. I was so horny by now that I groaned and moaned. Daniel stopped for a moment to start a new onslaught, but I grabbed his buttocks and pulled him into me, rocking and gyrating to prompt him into action.

The first orgasm hit me suddenly. I should have expected it, the build-up was just too much. I came with a shudder and a series of screams. Fortunately, Daniel stopped again for a moment, his hands under my ass and his dick up to the hilt in my pussy. When I calmed down, he started again, slowly and gradually faster, pussy juice running down between my ass cheeks. This was exactly the fuck that I needed.

The next orgasm started to build and from Daniel’s groanes I gathered his orgasm is nearing the peak as well. His cock felt as if it increased in size and became rock hard and his groans changed to a deep rumble. He started to pull out but I was expecting it and locked my legs around his butt and dug my heels into his ass cheecks, keeping him there until with a roar, he erupted. When the first blast hit me I arched my back and dug my fingernails into his upper arms, cumming like a river in flood. Daniel kept on pumping with short staccato jabs, forcing a cry from me with every stab until at last we lay quiet, totally spent, cum dribbling from my overflowing pussy. I never expected Daniel to cum as much seeing that it was his second time.

He slowly pulled out, his cock still semi erect and stared at my pussy for a while. I kept my legs opened so that he can look as much as he wants. He probably never saw a white pussy before and he wants to burn this image into his mind. He kneeled down and put his hand over my cunt then start to run his fingers through my pubic hair, feeling the texture, then tracing the lips down one side, up the other side. He seems in a trance, not speaking, just staring and exploring. I let him continue, knowing that he may never get another opportunity, but the touching and caressing is not without consequence. When he eventually stood up, his cock was once again awake and he looked at me as if to say: “Can we do it again, please?”

I opened my arms and beckon him closer. He didn’t hesitate. He was on me and in me in a flash. I let him continue for a minute or so, when I asked him to turn over and stradled him. I could see that this was something new to him, something totaly unexpected and he didn’t know how to handle this, but instinct led him to grab my ass and tried to bounce me up and down, lifting his hips and frantically pumping. When he settled for a moment, I started to ride him, slow and deep. The slurping sounds of the leaking cum added to the moment. The total wetness caused my clit to be stimulated more than normal and very soon I started cumming again. Suddenly Daniel stiffened, then grabbed my ass and pushed up and in, trying to push his cock through me,then shot his second load in me. This increased my own orgasm and I dropped my right leg onto the floor to try and force his cock deeper. Our convulsions subsided and I rolled off him, totaly spent, but extremely satisfied.

I got up to wash and Daniel took this as a clue that the fun is over now. He went outside to wait for the refreshments. I quickly put on a dress only because I want to take a proper bath before I get dressed. I quickly make the sandwiches and tea and called Daniel to put it on the bakkie. When he loaded everything he came back in and I could see that he had something on his mind.

“What is it Daniel?” I asked him.

“Hau, I want to say thank you. Today, something good happened to me. You made me a man. Thank you very much. I will never forget this. I hope that your heart will not forget me” he said.

“No, Daniel, I will not forget you. I can’t promise that there will be another opportunity. I also want to ask you not to tell anyone about this” I reminded him.

“No, this is not for anyone else to know. I will keep it in my heart only, and think about you every day” he assured me.

“As long as your heart does not interfere with your job, and your mtondo listens to you”. With that I cupped his cock and balls in my hand, rubbed it and then turned to take the refreshments to the shed.

This was probably the best fuck that I had from a black man. We had a few opportunities for quickies, but it was only two years later that we had another marathon fuck.