17 Aug 2015

So we chatted online and arranged to meet at my place.....

He arrived and I seated him in the lounge while I went to the bedroom to get changed. I put on a nice pair of black yoga pants that fitted my ass tight.

I walked into the lounge and he had just his briefs on, I went straight to him and started giving him a lap dance. I could feel is cock get hard and press against my ass.

I then removed his briefs and put my mouth straight over his hard cock, it wasn't long but it was thick. I sucked him and deep throated him until he said "can I put it in you?".

Without saying a word, I bent over the couch with my ass high up, he pulled down my pants nice and slow, just enough to see my welcoming hole.

He slowly pushed his thick cock in me and I could feel him stretch my ass. It was sore but he told me hang in there. After a while he started fucking my hard and good. He fucked my for about 15 minutes until I could feel he was about to cum. He filled up his condom.

He got changed and left.

I'm now looking for someone that can fuck me for an hour or more, think you can help??