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21 Oct 2016

belly dancing wife


2 minute read

it was last year november , towards my wife's end of year party at work... she packed he belly dancing outfit in a kit bag in the morning of the party..,This outfit bears about 85% of her indian tanned body with size 38 boobs and thighs to die for. Her transport picked her up and off to work they went.Later on that day , she phoned to come and collect her from work around 11.00pm as her transport was unable to do so.. I obliged. Iwas on the road that day and finished my work at around 6.00pm... i went for a blowjob to kill time and also enjoyed a beer. this took around 2 hours.... Around 8.15pm , i went to my wifes work place I was invited in from the car by one of her horny female friends, she grabbed my hand and directed me towards the board room , where i could hear some eastern music... i walked in all hard from the advances from her friend... My wife was belly dancing with her most skimpy outfit ...gosh she was almost topless and she looked so sexy covering her sensational boobs wife her fore arms.. the guys were groping and kissing her , she enjoyed it, almost everybody in the boardroom wasturned on... all of a sudden , a guy from work came up to me and complimented me on my hot wife, and remarked how unlucky he was... eventually my wife just had the skimpy eastern skirt around her waist and totally topless... guys were queing up to suck her boobs and eventually one guy started pomping her anally... her female friend blowed me whilst this happened. it was around 11.30pm when we were about to go home , when her boss interupted, and asked if he could take her home instead..i obliged and my wife came home the next evening .. that night, our sex was awesome , she blowed me, i came full in her mouth, she swallowed, turned her around, gave her anal which she really enjoyed and we fell off to sleep.. this act of sexual liberation has really freed us and we let go all our inhibitions... we are now sexually free, we can be with who ever we want in terms of sex, as its only a physical thing, buat it has brought my wife and myself closer in love and sex....

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