Written by Darius_Archer

26 Oct 2014

Being young and very adventurous, I found myself working as a bar lady at the age of 17 in a very small but busy hotel. I had this huge infatuation with my boss, who was a short but very well built 46 year old at that stage and you could see that he was very well endowed. He was a very strict boss, with the no men allowed in our living quarters policy.

It was hunting season and the bar was packed and we were fully booked out on all rooms. I was wearing a very tight "Madonna" dress, one of those that showed every curve and cleavage that one has..by 11 o'clock I've accumulated so much alcohol bought as tips and thought its almost closing time I might as well start drinking. While bending over to grab a beer from the bottom fridge I felt something brush against my ass and as I got up I saw it was my boss that "squeezed" by me, obviously that excited me so much I could feel my pussy starting to twitch. Standing and serving customers with my boss behind the counter became very interesting. Every shot I sold, every beer I sold I got one for free. There were 7 adult men left all between the ages of 35-50 and they were drinking up a storm. Every time I bent down to take out a beer I catch my boss looking right at my ass, and that turned me on big time. It was closing time and my boss told the guys at the bar its last round and everybody ordered enough for at least another 3 rounds worth of drinking. I went to close the doors and turn the lights off. The vibe back in the bar was pleasant. At this stage I had my fair share of drinks and still had to do my cash up. As I started with my cash up my boss slipped in behind me pushing his hard cock against my ass asking me if I was keen on some fun. Very surprised I replied fun, what kinda fun? He said the orgasm kind, the next minute I found myself bent over a bar stool. My hands tied to the feet of the stool and my legs spread wide apart and 7 spectators having full viem of both holes. I could hear them drooling. I heard a zip and felt my bosses warm cock head rubbing over my ass as he was looking for my pussy. Each one had their own comments, then I felt it... The head going in slowly and the a deep hard thrust into my soaking wet pussy..I heard the stools being pushed out and saw the men coming around the bar some half naked others cocks already out. I don't remember how many times I cummed while my boss was fucking me. He untied me, and made me sit on the chair, spreading my legs open having each foot on a counter, 1 was standing behind me as a pillar...my boss took a bottle of zambuca off the shelve and started pouring it down from my tits over my body, I could feel the liquid running between my pussy lips over my swollen clit and then a warm tongue licking it off. Each one made turns in licking and eating my zambuca filled pussy...oh it was so so good and with their experience they new exactly where to put their tongues. After I had 7 orgasms by boss turned me over the bar stool again, fucking me hard while 1 was putting his cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth..then changing sides..I had orgasm after orgasm...the sun was already coming up when the last one cummed all over my face. We said our goodbye's and I went off to my room, ran a hot bath and soaked in it. I heard my bedroom door open and saw my boss enter the bathroom. He had a very satisfying look on his face, he started to undress..I didn't really know what was going on, he came over to the bath picked me up and carried me to the bed. Laying there soaking wet I could see his cock grow again, it excited me immediately, have you ever heard the saying he fucked my brains out??...well that's exactly what he did, fucked my brains out..after that I had a visit from him every night...and day...