Written by Brandonj

22 Feb 2016

I was working late one Wednesday evening and i decide to log into SH and went to the chat room. I started chatting to a lady whom had just got back from Durban and she asked me if i would come around as she was extremely horny. After exchanging numbers and giving me her address, i forgot about work and was soon on my way to meet her. I got to the address given and phoned to let her know i was here to which she said i was to follow the clues she had put out. It was not long and i was in her bedroom.

we greeted and she helped undressing me as she was already laying naked on the bed.

What a body. We started kissing and my hands moved to tease her nipples. When they were hard i started to tease her nipples with my tongue as my hands moved down and found her wet pussy. I started teasing her clit and ever so often a finger would find its way into her pussy. I moved my way down with my mouth to her pussy and within 5 minutes of teasing and licking and probing her pussy, she squirted. Being the first for me , i was taken back for a couple of seconds, but then i carried on. Her body was jerking as i intensified my actions only to have her squirt again and again. My face was soaking wet.....lol.

i then entered my throbbing hard cock into her wanting pussy with slow shallow penetration and as i started moving deeper and faster, she squirted once more as she felt i was ready to unload. We lay chatting for a while and then it was time for me to go. We stay in contact with each other and have acted as a couple a number of times when she feels the need.....but thats another story