14 Mar 2016

About me, I'm a guy with a crossdressing fetish. Till recently I only dressed in private, until I met a guy online who was into it. We chatted for some time and then one day we decided to meet at his place over lunchtime. For the first meeting I just went over to meet him....an older decent guy. We decided to meet the following day for fun....

I went shopping for lingerie... A white lace panty with matching bra, lipgloss, some perfume to become a girl.

Nervously I went over to his place, watched a feminization video one last time and went inside.

He was sitting on the couch as I head to the bathroom as agreed. I stripped and put on my lingerie, tucked my tools back to look like a girl, put on my lipgloss and perfume, looked myself in the mirror and told myself..."you are now a girl"

Nervously I walk toward the bedroom where he was lying in only his underwear and I stood in front of him, my heart racing! He got up and he started rubbing my panties, my hand feeling and stroking his bulge. It felt so good, feeling like a little virgin girl about to have sex for the first time. He started kissing me, feeling his stubble against my clean shaved face, my hand going into his underwear, wrapping around his hard cock. We started undressing and I put a condom on him and started sucking him, my first taste of a cock in my mouth, loving the feeling. As I was sucking him, he started playing with my limp cock and also started fingerings me which drove me wild. He continued to kiss and want me till I could hold no more and exploded against his leg. As he was not done, I continued to blow and want him till he came in the condom.

Secretly I wish he rather turned me around and gently and slowly took my virginity, but maybe next time. Would love some spanking as well....