28 Mar 2016


The Mind is infinitely more attractive than the body,, and far more beautiful….

One day you wake up and the body has lost its visual appeal, and Then,,,,, What ???

Who will Love Me,, when I am no longer beautiful and firm….?

Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder… You will always be beautiful in the Mind’s eye!

My Mind is yet still strong and even more erotic and sensual than ever.... I Lust for You !

The years have taught me patience and not to Rush as life is short… Love Long !

Experience has gifted me with skill and knowledge … I now Know where to Touch, and lick..

At that point the Physical form has become less desirable... Life is A Bitch...

She does not see what lay’s within, she does not see the passion, She see’s with the eye of a Camera, and makes up her Mind. Thus we have been adjudged,,, a fleeting moment frozen in time…

Sexuality is a Human condition, Sensuality is a state of mind,,, Desire is born in the Mind.

Sex is the manifestation of desire…. The Physical expression of being Human, is eternally Beautiful!

A man that wants nothing is a man that has No Price… I want nothing, but NEED Much …

A man who has No desire has no mind … All the Love I have is in my Mind …

Be well, Love Light and Peace, to You,,, Oh, Beautiful One...