29 Apr 2018

I had the most amazing experience this evening walking along one of our popular beaches about 2200 hrs. I was ambling along aimlessly when I came across this very young couple clearly still teenagers. They had come across the road from one of the clubs and having had a little too much to drink they soon became very amorous. I was intrigued and sat a short distance from them pretending to watch the ocean but with an eye on them. In no time at all he had her pants off and started playing with her and fingering her. I could hear these little moans and groans above the noise of the ocean. Next thing he had mounted her and pulled his pants down to his knees. He pumped her hard for about 10 minutes and then they rolled over and she got astride him and really rode him like a wild horse. This carried on for at least 30 minutes until she slid down and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him for a few minutes and then mounted him again to continue riding him. After about 15 minutes she climbed off and lay on her back with him now astride of her. She picked her legs up and placed them on his shoulders and he really fucked her hard for the last few minutes until they both came in shudders while trying to stifle the sounds. They then got up, dressed and walked across the road to the club. They did not comment as they walked past me but they both gave a wry smile. That was one amazing beach show and I really hope to see a few more shows soon. I will be back there on a regular basis from now on.