Written by surferbabe

12 Feb 2014

i have to tell this today i went to the beach i sent my bf a whatsapp to say im going to tan nude and where exactly to find me, little did i realise i sent it on our group message where myself my guy and 3 of his friends chat together, so im there just for about an hour all exited waiting for him i turned on my back fully exposing myself tomother nature i closed my eyes and after a while was brought to reality hearing our friend say ''good lord you truly are fkn. Beutifull'' i was shocked to c our friend staring at me but imediatly turned on too, so he explained how he got there.. We both laughfed and i turned on my belly, he imediatly objected but also imediatly offered to rub sunscreen on me i gladly accepted desperatly wanting to be touched i imediatly phoned my bf who said hell come around later ''not telling him about his best friend'' busy rubbing cream on my naked back, who now was after a slow move at my bum the feel of his foreign hands on my naked bum was so erotic i lofted myself up during each squeeze, i complimented his skill and as i did his hand moved from my bum down the inside of my thigh allowing his side of his hand to touch my pussy lips as i said nothing he repeated the move a second and third time on the third i pushed my hips off the ground from pure hornyness as his hand came back up he slid a finger between my lips and all the way upmy bum crack, i turned to my side faced him and said ''god that was very naughty of you'' but smiled at him, and he jokingly knocke me over, i fell onto my backside and covered my pussy with my ine and my breasts wit the other, my own touch made me slide my own finger in me gosh it felt amazing touching myself infront of his friend, he then sat and complimented me over my body and told me how many times he has caught a glimps of me at our house and always dreamt of seeing me nude, while listening i got carried away and basicly masturbated myself while he talked, my breathing became more intense as i felt his hand move over my tummy i let go off my breasts allowing the view and him to feel them i continued to smoothly masturbate untill heis hand moved mine out of the way and started doing what men do well, i was getting close as i heard my bf voice saying Now that looks like its been fun here. We both where shocked i did not expect him, we explained what hapened with a little white lie included, but anyway he sat on my other side i pulled him down and kissed him like never before while his friend continued fingering me i ''blindly'' whie kissing found my hand finding both penises and rubbed them through their shorts, until my bf retracted from the kiss and said to me ok i cant stay to long lets do this and fuked me it was awsum being watched he came all over me and sat beside me again and we laughfed all together i said to our frien well this is a once off thing so get naked and fuck me........that he did and did well he had a amasing ''cock'' if i may say it so bluntly ''babe'' he kissed and was really good probly because it was not my bf, he also came but was the most come ive ever seen i was covered all over some was on my face and he said taste it and still in extacy i did somethng i never do when sober i tasted it and rubbed all the rest of it into my sun soaked skin, my bf left in a hurry leaving us there we chatted about the event and while talking i started fondling his limp penis, i told him im so redy for more and so we did, that nigh he came over and we told my bf about the sex after he left he smiled and said so you owe me one then... So we got the night going drinks flowing and soon i was being conned into taking off my clothes being naked again infront of his friend was fine, but then through the kitchen door here appears our two other friends both shocked for none of our bst friends have seen me naked before, the coversasion kept going in my direction so i just stood there, we laughfed about the txt, and so a night of nudity was born infront of our friends, offcourse it ended up that night all the guys having atleast osurferbabene orgasm