Written by BMP

29 Aug 2018

The moment I saw her the sexual tension was thick and slippery between us, a situation that could blow up for me very easily for both of us, she was married and her father was my best friend, a ticking time bomb.

Fortunately she lives in Cape Town and I'm in Johannesburg but being both entrepreneurs we tend to travel and crossing one another's paths is inevitable.

It was a late Wednesday afternoon when I got a call from her to join her at the Baron in Woodmead for a drink. Not allowing myself to consider the ramifications I agree and walk straight into a sexually charged web. She's dressed in a sexy skirt and top with high heals, her legs are silky smooth leading directly to her tight pilates ass and tiny waist. I get up to great her as she walks in and I cant stop myself from feeling her breasts press up against my chest as she hugs me for that moment too long.

It doesn't take long before the conversation turns, from light teasing to outright questions from her as to why I'm fighting this inevitable outcome. As we have a few more drinks our hands start flirting with one another as much as our words are. The lines between my best friend and his daughter and her husband are fading quickly when she tells me she is flying out that night and has to be at the airport within the hour.

Not having the time we never imagined we would need, we pay the bill and head off to my car at the back of the parking. I'm 6'2 , she is 5'2, petite and flexible. As we get to my car I push her up against it and allow our kissing to disguise our hands all over one another. Its way too exposed so I open the car and climb in and pull her in on top of me. Being in such a confined space we struggle to get to each other but manage to pull my jeans off while she is still on top of me. As soon as they are by my knees, she slides her panties off and in one sexy move slides down onto my shaft, burying my cock deep inside her.

Her wetness dribbles over my balls as her and tight pussy starts gyrating on my cock. We are both facing forward so I bring my hand over and start playing with her clit while we are fucking and I'm teasing her nipples. She starts moaning a little louder than before as I massage her clit more and more. Eventually she explodes and clamps down on my cock with a force I've never experienced, pushing my cock out of her as she orgasmed. Although my cock wasn't inside her I kept on gently playing with her clit keeping her orgasm going until she couldn't handle it anymore.

Sliding off me onto the drivers seat she leant over and licked her wetness off my cock and gave me a mind blowing orgasm, shooting my cum into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but I cum a lot, more than she could take.

We eventually slid our clothes back on and she gave me a sloppy cum tasting kiss and headed off to the airport.

We've met again since......