Written by Sexy Lady

07 Apr 2015

So here is my latest adventure. I am going to add that although as you can tell I love cock. I am very Bi. I/we are and have been looking for a couple/lady that I could play with to turn my man on with another story (names changed obviously) so if that's you leave some feedback and I will be in touch.

So Mr is in Europe again and can not get back for the Easter break. It's Good Friday and He messages me to say that he has been chatting to someone on line we will call him Phillip and he has arranged for me to meet him at the Hard Rock Cafe. He tells me what to wear and says that Phillip will be sitting at the bar and that he will know me as Mr has sent him a photo and told him all about me.

The arrangement is we meet for a drink and then we go to his hotel.

So I walk into Hard Rock Cafe. He is sitting at the bar. This is always a difficult moment although Mr is normally good at choosing people for me to meet. I still worry though when I haven't seen even a photo of this person. The thrill though for both of us is me writing the story for Mr to enjoy afterwards.

The place is hectically busy I am amazed so many people out this evening. I look towards the bar and I see him raise his hand and smile in my direction. I walk over to him a greet him with a kiss on the cheek. I smell his aftershave and my juices start to flow thinking of later.

We chat and the conversation flows. He is working here in Johannesburg for a week and had found the Site and answered the advert that Mr had placed.

We both become more relaxed as we have our 2nd drink. There is a little touching of legs brushing hands He gets the bill and asks if I want to go to room. I answer yes. We walk out hand in hand. Going to the Michelangelo. Never been there so yeah something new for me

We get to room and he say I should look at menu for something to drink. I look and ask for a glass of Red wine So he orders for me. We sit on the couch talking relaxed enjoying each others company. He starts to play with my hair. I am enjoying the touching. He eventually pulls me to sit astride him. Kissing me. He Takes off my top and bra. He loves my breasts sucking and kissing ‎them using his hands. Its not gentle but not too rough. I am enjoying it. Thoughts of Mr keep running through my mind

He picks me up and takes me to the bed taking off my jeans (I didn't have panties at Mr request) he undresses quickly and joins me on the bed I am lying there legs open waiting not sure what's going to happen if it will be good or do I have to pretend

He immediately goes down to my pussy and starts eating me and yeah at least I don't have to pretend. I imagine briefly Mr is there watching him eating me that's when I first cum. He senses this so gets his hand involved. I say to him that if he hits the right spot I could squirt‎. This seems to inspire him I don't but it am very wet he is watching me eyes locked with mine. He has 3 fingers deep inside me. 2 of them touching, playing with my G Spot I am squirming with pleasure I love to be fingered and feel a tongue on my clit at the same time. I think just how much Mr would enjoy this and how much he will enjoy the story later

I need a break so ask him to stop. We kiss some more then I move down his body. He is fairly tall and has a broad body not fat just big build. He is cut and I manage get him all in my mouth without gagging. I start to suck him. He moves me so he can play with my pussy and eat me some more. Again I cum now I just want to jump on his cock and ride him. I am so wet and so turned on. I reach into my bag and take out a condom unwrapping it and rolling onto his hard cock. I climb on top of him and start to ride him closing my eyes as I feel the orgasm building up inside me. My orgasm starts to rip through me and I shake with pleasure as I can feel my juices flowing. I climb off him and lie next to him. We start kissing again and I move down towards his cock I start sucking him. I lick his balls and then slowly run my tongue up the underside of his hard cock all the time keeping eye contact with him. I run my tongue around the tip of his cut cock teasing him. I then take him deep into my my mouth with one hand rubbing his shaft and the other massaging his heavy balls. His hands are on my head now massaging my head almost forcing my head down onto his cock I feel him tense up and I realise that he is very close to cumming ‎and then I feel the hot sticky liquid. I move my mouth and just wank him the rest of way. Trying to gently spit his cum out my mouth. The top of his legs and groin are covered in his cum. He look at me and smiles he is happy. He Gets up

to clean himself up saying that was the most amazing blow job. I get dressed. We chat a bit more. He asks me if we could meet again. I tell him that will be up to Mr and that he would have to contact him if he wanted to see me again as this is the arrangement we have for when he is out of town. We kiss goodbye and I leave messaging Mr on the way to the car to say that I am fine and well fucked and that the full story will follow