Written by Firsttimers

10 Dec 2012

Was a few years back I was invited to a friends bachelor party at teasers in midrand. Myself and another mate drove down together anyway not much was happening at the party just the usual strip show and drinking with friends when suddenly my mate comes over and says he met a couple with a fucking hot wife and the husband wants to watch his wife get fucked by another guy if he is interested. So my mate said for sure but how about two guys as he got a lift to the party with me. The husband agreed so we left teasers and followed them to florida lake. When we got there we found a quite spot under a tree and the guys wife pulled off her top to reveal her gorgeous tits. My cock started to grow almost straight away. Next she said she wants to suck some cock so we both unzipped and dropped our pants. When she saw my cock she said fuck that I'm not putting that big thing in her. Her husband said hell no he would love to see her get fucked by both of us and encouraged her to suck us first. She went down on her knees and started to suck our cocks in turn mmmm what an amazing mouth she had. After sucking a while she said her pussy needs some serious cock pounding but if she going to fuck me she wants to watch her husband suck my cock too. Now I'm not gay and have never been touched by a guy before but by now I was so horny I said why not if I want to fuck her what the hell he can suck my cock. So my mate went down on her there on the grass and while he was fucking her she was watching her husband suck my cock which by the way was not the best blow job ever. Eventually my mate came and I got a chance to fuck her as well while my mate and her husband cheered us on. Afterwards we all went our own way. Unfortunately we never exchanged numbers or details because hell I would love to fuck her again. Maybe I should visit teasers in midrand again who knows they might be there again.