Written by nsa_durban

15 Sep 2014

I recently went to a night club in durban. I got there around midnite and by that time the friends i went to meet were already tipsy and having a blast. The place was busy and even though there were a few women who didn't have male friends or partners in their company, i had no expectations of chatting up or meeting any females.

It was by coincidence that i was introduced to a female friend of a friend. The person i was introduced to was a divorced mum in her mid thirties. She was good looking with straight black hair just below her shoulders, beautiful dark brown eyes, fuller figured, maybe a size 34 waist & 34 d or e cup bust. She wore a tight faded blue jeans, black silky top & black sexy open toe heels that showed off her cute french pedicured toes & she looked amazing.

After a little small chat we parted ways to join the group we were with. It wasn't long before we bumped into each other again. With the both of us being sober and more oblivious to the loud music that drowned our words, we decided to step out for a bit of fresh air and conversation.

We crossed the road to where her car was parked & chatted whilst leaning against it. It wasn't long before we were kissing intensely, sucking on each others tongues, biting each others lips whilst our hands explored each others bodies. My dick got hard almost instantly as i explored her voluptuous fuller figure with my hands. Whilst kissing her on her mouth & neck i used one hand to caress her breasts making her dark nipples get firmly erect and using the other hand to rub her pussy and ass over her tight jeans. My hard dick which was no good for her in my jeans so he unbuttoned my jeans to allow her hands to stroke me.

We were really getting into it when a car with loud music and louder guys entered the road, leading us to ease off. Knowing that we both were really into each other and wanted more than just foreplay, she offered to take me to her flat which was a few minutes drive away. As soon as we entered, she led me straight to the bedroom, shoved me onto the bed, hastily pulled off my jeans, leaving my to remove my shirt and started sucking hard and intensely on my dick. I tried to sit up to caress her boobs but she shoved me back onto my back. This woman made it clear that she wanted to be in control. The second time i tried to sit up, she shoved me back down, practically ripped of her top and bra and hastily kicked off her heels and pulled of her jeans and tiny g string. She then jumped over me, placing her cleaning shaved pussy over my face as she went back to sucking on my dick and balls. I wasted no time in working my tongue on her smooth pussy which was slightly wet, licking on her clit and sliding my tongue in also using my fingers in between. She enjoyed what i was doing because she practically smothered me at times with her tight wet pussy and thick ass.

Having such a thick fuller figured woman over me was such a turn on and it made me insatiably hornier than usual. She grinded her pussy against my tongue as she sucked on my dick, i was loving every moment of it. Whilst squeezing on her ass cheeks and spreading them, in a sudden moment, i slid my tongue up to her asshole. She stopped sucking on me for a second as she let out her moan of pleasure, clenching her ass from the shock and pleasure. I spread her ass apart and continued to suck her tight dark brown asshole. I could feel her pussy getting so wet as i did so. Me sucking on her ass made her so hot and horny that she sucked & stroked my dick so hard, making me feel like i was going to cum really quick.

After a good while of mutual oral pleasure, she woke up, turned around, started kissing me as moving her lips and tongue down to my nipples and chest then hard dick, she kissed the tip of my dick before moving herself over me and started to ride me. As she did this i pulled her forward to suck on her erect dark nipples with huge areolas. She fucked me good in that position before i turned her over & started fucking her in the doggy position. Whilst thrusting her hard & deep, i stuffer her ass with a finger to which she squirmed and try to pull away. I took hold of her hair, pulling her closer to me as i continued thrusting her hard, this time forcing two fingers into her tight asshole. She must of enjoyed it because it was not more than 2minutes before she came hard over my dick. I kept going for a short while longer before i couldn't hold back any more, pulling out, removing the condom, and shooting my hot thick load of cum all over her ass. Both exhausted, we fell onto the bed not before she took my dick and sucked of the little cum i had left. Thinking i could take a few mins to rest, she thought otherwise & made me suck up her pussy juices and tease her ass whilst she caressed her nipples.

Realizing that it was rather late, we decided to end our night of fun. She slipped on a sleep shirt and dropped me off by my car. We did meet again. I will mention that encounter if you'll are interested....