Written by GouldarV

12 Jun 2015

Had probably one of the best experiences last night. Was supposed to meet a couple from the site, but they had a last minute change, so I ended up going to Social on Main, a bit out of my way, but I wanted a change. I wasn't there for 10 minutes and this gorgeous lady made eye contact. I ordered a beer, and with confidence I seldom have, I didn't break eye contact. She waited for me to finish my drink and walked up. I was truly baffled at why she came over, as for all intents and purposes, she was out of my league, at least from where I stood. She asked if she could buy me another, I was completely baffled, and thought maybe a work friend was plunking me.

She said she didn't want to talk, just have a few drinks with me, we sat staring at each other for close to an hour whilst drinking our drinks, she stopped me from striking up a conversation at least three times. She kept running her finger up my leg, through my hair, and drew circles on my hand. She stood up and asked if I'm coming, of course I wasn't going to just sit there and watch her walk away. Outside, she asked - my car or hers, I said I used Uber, so she said "mine it is then."

We drove a short while to Bedford and got to her place, we walked in, still no talking, and she dimmed the lights. She pushed me against the wall in the entrance hall, I was shivering as it was bloody tiles everywhere and freaking cold. She told me she thought I was beautiful, I was weirded out as this was, at least for me a complete role reversal, something you'd see on TV...lol. She asked me to stay there, walked back to the front door and switched the aircon on, and just kept looking at me, I could feel it getting warmer, she came over, took me by the hand and we walked into the study, she asked me to stand against the wall again and went to sit on a chair, she asked me if I thought I was beautiful, surely not something you normally ask a guy, is it. I said I think so, maybe..she smiled and said I am and I should own it. She asked me to take my clothes off, which I did, she said - slowly, which I obliged. She told me to stroke myself and imagine being inside her, feeling her warmth, moistness.

I felt a shudder as a bit of cold air blew over me standing there naked. I never felt so vulnerable and turned on in the same manner. She said she's going to undress and told me to sit on the chair opposite her, which I did, she was really sexy, perky boobs, a small scar on her shoulder and her arm I noticed. She walked to me and sat on top of me, rubbing herself against me, she was hot and wet, really wet. She told me I'm not allowed to touch her, she slowly took me inside her and said she wanted to feel all of me inside her. She didn't break eye contact whilst slowly pushing herself up and down. She said she wanted me to cum, she moved in closer and sucked on my ear and put her tongue inside the little hole of my ear. I came immediately, it was amazing, she milked me with her waist and her legs shook as she felt my cum inside of her, she gushed a bit of fluids, I've never experienced an orgasm like that before.

She asked if I wanted a cuppachine I said yes and she brought me one a couple of minutes later. She asked where I live and I said Ravenswood, she asked how far is it, to which I replied about 10 minutes from Bedford. She said she'd get me an Uber, and to get dressed. The car came 4 minutes later, nice VW Passat CC, she then got in with me, we got around the corner and she told the driver to ignore us and gave him a R100 I think, not sure, she lifted her skirt and told me to fuck her, I've honestly, never cum twice in a night before, but wasn't going to say no, she rode me like a bull whilst gripping my hands tightly against her breasts. Again, fucking amazing, as I got to my complex gate, she asked me for my number, which I added to her phone for her, she kissed me on the lips, long and slow, no goodbye, nothing, just a long kiss and a smile. It's now been almost 24 hours and I'm still in disbelief, she sent me a message stating different place next time, she'll ping me. I honestly feel used, but I don't mind, the roles have definitely changed, but I have no regrets. And so the hunter, has seemingly become the hunted, it seems.