Written by Tril82

03 May 2017

This happened last year.

I went to attend a conference in Nelspruit, and had arranged with a family friend to stay over at their place.

After the first day of conference, Mandy picked me up and we drove to their lovely home. Totally unexpected, when we reached the front door, Angie opened the door and I was introduced to her by Mandy. Mandy remarried, to a guy named Gary, and he was out of town. Angie was Gary's daughter from a previous marriage, that was staying with them while she completed her degree.

When i was introduced to Angie, there was this stare that lasted for about a minute, or at least it felt like it. She had a nice tan with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She had tits that would fit nicely into my cupped hands. She was very sexy with a well toned figure, but not skinny.

We sat down and chatted the evening away over dinner and some red wine. We seemed to click very well as we were laughing and really enjoyed each others conversations. I was 33 and she was 23 at the time. It had crossed my mind that it would be an absolute pleasure to fuck her. Me being married I thought this was just a bit far fetched to think that I could help myself to a side portion of this forbidden fruit.

Her room was on the top floor next to mine and we shared a bathroom. I went to take a shower and watched some TV in the living room when i noticed she also went upstairs to shower. Mandy and I chatted a bit and she fell asleep on the couch. It was getting late and I thought about calling it a night when Angie came and sat next to me on the couch. Freshly showered and smelling really nice. She sat rather close to me and this was when my cock just became excited. I was a bit uncomfortable with Mandy sleeping on the couch a few feet away from us with some concert playing on TV.

The next moment she put her head on my shoulder with her feet tucked in underneath her, when she suddenly moved closer to kiss me. I didn't mind returning the favor. She put her hand on my boxer short to play with my already rock hard cock. She was dressed in satin nighties so soft, bearing ever so elegantly what was going on beneath the PJ's.

She stood up and pulled her pants off to just above the knees, reaching over at me to take my cock out. She sat down slowly onto my cock with her sleeky wetness revealing the most gorgeous ass i have ever seen. My cock just went into her tight young pussy so effortlessly i was surprised. She gave a huge gasp, I quickly looked over to where Mandy was sleeping, hoping that she would stay asleep. After all she had quite a lot of wine.

With every movement of her on top of me my cock responded with this feeling of utter pleasure, as i cupped her tits underneath her top, feeling that nipples so hard and her tits so naturally soft but firm.

We moved upstairs with my heart pounding out of my chest with excitement. I undressed her and layed down on top of her. I positioned my cock at the opening of her creamy pussy and slowly entered. I started slowly and then a bit faster and faster giving her a good bang while my tongue was in her mouth. Her legs embracing my hips and movements as I ate this sweet tender peach between her thighs. She came several times as this went on for some fifteen minutes or so when I felt this huge spasm from my loins as I came and spurted all my cum into her pulsating vagina. We looked each other in the eye while we came together and it was almost impossible to keep our eyes open.

She came into my room early the next morning and rode me like a wild horse. I fucked her doggie style with my morning erection nailing her to the mattress. She buried her face in the pillow to quiet the noises she was making.

The next day I ditched the remainder of the conference early and spent the afternoon with her. We just couldn't get enough of each other.

Anyway, I had to leave and I sadly never saw her after that. I spoke to her a couple of times after that when she told me she had a boyfriend and that she loved him. I backed off and saw on facebook the other day that she got married.

I would give anything just to feel what i felt in those two days. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about her, realising then that it might never happen again.......but thankful that it did!