Written by JoeArc

23 May 2017

Steve and Amy are old college friends of my wife and I and they emigrated to Australia in 2004. We kept contact with them over the years and saw Steve about 4 years ago when he came to SA after his dad passed away. They contacted us and let us know they were visiting SA to attend a family wedding and are very keen to meet up. We were very excited to see our old friends again. They decided to leave the kids in Aus at Amy's sister and also have a bit of vacation in SA.

We planned a weekend at the Bushveld farm and also decided to leave the kids with the grandparents. We drove up to Johannesburg where we met up with Steve and Amy. We were so happy to see out old friends again. We quickly caught up about each other's lives en route to the farm. We stopped at Bela-Bela and bought necessary groceries and drinks for the weekend. We arrived on the farm and unpacked and sat on the verandah overlooking the farm. Our guests were taken back by the beauty of the view. We went for a game drive and sun downers at the spot overlooking the dam. It was like old days, we picked up where we left.

Steve was well build with a rugged beard of a week old and also shaved his hair on his head. We always referred to him as the Jason Stratham of SA! He was quite the charmer with his blue eyes and perfect smile. Amy was dark haired and also quite dark skinned with beautiful brown eyes. She was a former college beauty queen and had a ass and pair of tits to die for! All guys fantasized about her at college and Steve got the lucky price! Amy was not shy - neither showing her body or with her words! She called a spade a spade and this was the very reason she and my wife clicked so well.

The evening we braaied for our guest and sat around the fire chatting late into the night. Next morning I was up early cleaning dishes etc when Amy entered the kitchen. She had a panty on and sleeping shirt. I could clearly see her tits and hard nipples proudly displayed under the shirt. She helped me clean and we made coffee. The other two joined us and we chatted about life in Aus. They mentioned their daily routine and also emphasized on how liberal Australians are. I asked them to explain and they told us that it was quite common for women to be topless at beaches and that nudism was quite common. Amy let out that they started the life style while back and enjoyed be naked especially outdoors. My wife and I smiled as we also enjoyed this. I made a remark saying that luckily we were on a farm and only eyes here might be that of the Nyalas grazing around the house!

We decided to go for a drive and Steve was quite into birding and wanted to take pictures of the resident Fish Eagle pair. We got home and made brunch. It was already heating up and my wife suggested we spend the day around the pool. All agreed and the girls went to shower as the men packed some drinks in a cooler and got some snacks ready. I went down to the pool and opened the umbrellas and got the sun loungers out. It was a beautiful day. I went back inside and found Amy and Steve chatting in the kitchen. She just got out of the shower with her towel wrapped around her. I asked if everything was okay and Steve replied : "Madam forgot to pack a swimsuit" We all laughed and I said : "O well you only need to be shy of the Nyalas!" Amy turned around and walked back to their room. Steve and I were talking rugby, my back towards their room. I saw Steve's face lit up and he smiled from ear to ear. I turned around and saw Amy walking towards us. She was completely naked, well only had her sunhat on and sun glasses in her hand. She was well tanned all over. She was extremely beautiful. Nice tits with perfect dark hard nipples and I noticed her pussy was hairless. She stopped and smiled and said : " told you I forgot my swimsuit. So you guys joining me?" I wanted to shout aloud :" Hell yes!!!" She walked passed as we both admired her sexy ass. Steve followed her outside and I went upstairs to our room.

I was almost out of breath as I entered the room. My wife was busy putting on her bikini when I explained to her what happened. At first she was under the impression I was only joking but then I pointed to the window. She moved over to the window and looked down at the pool area. Amy was laying on her back while Steve was busy undressing and getting into the pool. Both of them was in good shape as they exercised regularly and Steve just had this natural build and fitness to him. My wife turned to me and said : "Well either we stay inside or we join?" I asked what did she prefer as this is a bit awkward. She said : " Only thing awkward will be for us to stand and stare. We are all adults and friends and can enjoy some fun in the sun" I almost jumped with joy. She started undressing and wrapped a beach towel around her. I thought what the heck and stripped down put my cap in and grabbed my towel and sun glasses in the hand. My wife and I are also fit and still in good shape and well groomed, no hair on my penis or her pussy. She put her blonde hair up in a pony tail and we walked down.

Steve was floating around in the pool with beer in hand and Amy laying in the sun. We came close and I asked where is my beer? Amy sat up straight and looked at me, smiled as she was almost eye level with my penis just a meter away from her face, and pointed to the cooler. She asked me to hand her something to drink too. My wife moved in to the lounger next to Amy in the sun, took her towel off, laid it out and laid down on her back. "Hand me something too please" she asked. I handed them drinks and got in the pool. The view from the pool was astonishing, two hot girls laying meters away naked in the sun with their two beautiful pussies in clear view. Steve got out and it was clear that he was quite excited by the view himself as he was semi erect. He went inside and came out with a bottle of shooters. We each had a shot and toasted to friendship. Steve had another couple of shots and I could see he was planning on going full throttle. He offered more shots to everyone and after a couple of minutes the spirits was high and all discomfort long forgotten.

Amy got up and joined me in the pool as Steve stretched out on a lounger. My wife turned on her stomach and she and Steve started chatting. Amy went under water and got up close next to me. She looked at me and flung her arms around my neck pressing up hard against me and gave me a thank you hug. I could feel her tight body press against mine and the feeling was quite nice. She then pushed away and pumped me with a fist on the chest. I jokingly hit back at her only with my pinky saying she was no match for me. She then came at me quick, I reacted and grabbed her wrist and we started to "wrestle" in the water. The other two cheered on as we played. Suddenly Amy grabbed my dick in her hand and held on bragging that she had me in a death grip now. Before I could think I grabbed for her pussy and kept my hands between her legs, she did not resist. She moved around with her hips as her pussy lips spread over my fingers. She pulled herself closer to me and I immediately had a huge hard on. She softly stroked my dick and let go and moved away from me. Steve mentioned that I won as it seemed Amy gave up! She walked over to him pressed him down on the lounger and gave him a intimate kiss. She then reached for the shooters and said: "Body shots anyone?" And before anyone could answer she walked to my wive and who was on her back and poured some liquor into her navel. Steve got up and sipped it out to my wife's delight. Another shot was poured as Amy went in form the sip but she got up and laid down between my wife's legs and sipped the shot! My wife arched her back with joy as Amy was laying on her pussy. Amy got up and came to sit next on the pools edge with her legs in the water. She took the liquor and poured a bit on her boobs, I took my chance and licked it up making sure I got some nipple in my mouth. Steve asked for a turn and laid back as Amy poured some liquor in his naval area. My wife got up and sipped it out. Everybody jumped into the pool and it was clear the ice was broken.

Steve got out and went into the house returning with his camera. He asked me if I would mind taking some pics of him and Amy. I agreed. He got back in the pool and my wife sat on the edge. I took pics of Steve and Amy in the water. She got out and Steve said I must keep taking pictures. Amy worked the camera as a pro model posing in various poses to everyones delight. I handed drinks to everyone and Amy said : "Time for some naughty pics" as she got out and moved to the sun lounger. She got on it in a doggy style position pressing her hips up exposing her ass and pussy to the camera. She then turned around on her back spreading wide while arching her back. I got closer and took some some close ups while her fingers gently went over her body. I started to get an erection and she smiled at the sight stroking her clit gently.

I looked over to my wife at the edge op the pool and saw she was sitting back resting on her arms behind her feet in the water. I could see her nipples was hard from excitement. Steve also had a hard on and I could see we were the same length but my penis was a bit thicker. I pointed the camera at my wife and she smiled as I took a picture she opened her legs wide for the next picture. Steve moved in and sat next to my wife and but his one arms around her and said I must take a picture. This was quite erotic for me taking a photo of my naked wife and best friend with a hard on! Amy moved over to them and said they must stand for a picture. Steve stood in the middle with the girls next to him with his arms around them. The girls turned to different positions with every shot. They both turned towards him on each side, my wife placed her one hand on his chest while Amy grabbed his hard dick. Steve turned to my wife and pulled her closer for a kiss, she resisted initially but then leaned in. The kiss was firstly on her lips and then it got more intense. Their mouths opened and they searched for each others tongues. Amy wanked Steve while they kissed.

Amy walked over to me grabbed me behind the neck and pulled me in for a kiss. We went for it full steam. Steve walked over and took the camera taking pictures of us kissing. My penis wanted to explode as my purple swollen head thumped into Amy's stomach. From the corner of my eye I could see my wife's hands all over Steve's dick as he took the pictures. I made eye contact with my wife and I could notice she waited for some conformation or command from me. I winked at her and she responded immediately by going down on her knees taking Steve's dick in her mouth and started to lick and suck him. Steve took pictures of my wife with his dick in her mouth. Amy lead me to the sun lounger and pushed me back so I laid on my back. She went down on me licking my shaft and balls. She then took my penis in her mouth and started sucking me good. I looked over at Steve, in one hand he held the camera and other hand behind my wife's head feeding her his dick. He arched back and pulled out and came on the ground. My wife got up and walked over to us. She spread her legs over my face facing Amy and started fucking my face while Amy sucked me. All inhibitions was lost at this point and I licked and sucked my wife's pussy. Amy stopped sucking and got on top of me. She sat on my dick gently rubbing against her pussy. She touched my wife's tits and my wife touched hers. I could not believe what I was seeing.

Steve positioned himself next to us taking pictures of this porn scene. Amy took her hand and took my penis into her pussy. She made a sound of joy as I entered her wet slit and she started riding me. She moaned and screamed with joy. We picked up good rhythm and she rode me hard. My wife got wetter and she grabbed for my chested and let out a sound of excitement as she came on my face. Amy screamed as she and I came together. I shot a huge load up her. She fell forward clinching onto me.

It was dead quite then in the blazing SA sun....