23 Jul 2017

This is actually a funny story and i know us men don't always wanna admit it. Anyhow not a long story, but please feel free to comment and share your stories too!

So one evening after i had incredible sex with Sarah in the afternoon i decided to go back that evening for some more. Remember, we've had sex sometimes 3 times a day. Anyway i got to her place, naked already and yes i was hard already as i arrived there. So we started kissing and fooling around and after a few minutes, she was so wet, she decided to get on top of me. And as she grabbed i realized i wasn't as hard anymore. As we she tried to get me in it just wasn't happening so she decided to play with my cock, nothing happened, played with my balls, nothing happened, she even sucked my cock nothing happened. Oh boy. I decided to turn her around me on top and tried to get my cock in her as i got a "mini" hard on. Its just that nothing happened. We tried for about 20 minutes and doesn't matter what we did it just wasn't happening. We both were like, what's going on here and both just burst out laughing. Well inside my head was like WTF!! Don't worry the next day i was back up, good to go! Please share your stories!!! let me know I'm not the only one!