16 Jul 2017

Well , thanks for those who read my aussie girl stories. I told you in my first story that I have never had so much sex in a short period in my life. And that we sometimes have sex three times a day. Now this is one of those three times a day occasions. Remember that “Sarah” and I live in the same complex, she’s in a unit right next to the pool.

So I got up and around I decided to go for a walk towards to the pool and “somehow” ended up at Sarah’s place. Ok fine, you got me, I was horny again. Anyway, Sarah and I has an agreement that she will leave her front door open, that whenever I feel like “going for a walk” I can come and boy I’ve been for many walks. So I opened the door, walked upstairs and she was still sleeping, naked, that being said I got naked got in bed with her and snuggled her for a few minutes when she woke up and half asleep knowing that it was me, got on top of sliding my dick in her. Surprisingly she was as wet as anything, actually doesn’t surprise me as she is wet almost all the time. Anyway, she got on top of me put my dick in her and started riding me slowly for about 15 minutes before she was really awake. (Have to say this I love morning sex.) She got up, brushed her teeth came straight back to bed, laid on her tummy and told me to fuck her, and I obliged. Now I know she loves this position so and went at it. She drove me crazy when she actually lifts her ass a little bit and she new I was close to cumming. She got up told me to lie down and she started licking my balls and dick. I have notice that she really likes my balls cause the first thing she does every time we meet up, she rubs my balls. Anyway she went to town on it and I was really, really enjoying it. I got up, pulled her to the side of the bed, put her legs over my shoulders and just started fucking her slow than fast slow and fast. I saw she was close to coming and decided to stopped and started licking her clit. It wasn’t 2 minutes then she came she squeezed my head between her thighs, so hard I felt like I was gonna die. She said so what about you, I want you to come. When I looked at my phone I didn’t realize that I have been there for about and hour and a half already and I told her I have to go, I have and appointment, but I will come back. She said yeah she’s gotta go to the shops as well as she has to make apple crumble for her ladies dinner that night. Anyway left and around 4:30pm went back to her place. I had to knock and wait for her to answer as her neigbours were outside this time. I walked in there she was busy with the mix for the apple crumble, but she had on a short short and a tight top that really show of her boobs. I couldn’t resist and put my hands down her shorts and started fingering her, and yes she was already wet. She couldn’t handle it anymore wiped her hands and took me to the couch. Pulled my pants down and hers down too and she sat on top of me riding me really hard for about 20 minutes when we heard a crack, we thought we broke the couch, so we decided to move the party upstairs. By the time she got to the top of the stairs she was already naked. I didn’t wait and there we were going on it like bunnys. You could swear this chick hasn’t had dick in a long time the way she was riding, me. And no, she had dick the night before, yes mine, dick this morning, you guest it, yes mine. We went on for half an hour when she said, she’s gotta get ready otherwise she not gonna get this crumble done. Another thirty minutes later we were still busy. I told her to turn around on all fours as I know this lets me come so quickly, cause she didn’t wanna let me go without cumming again. 5 minutes later, I shot the biggest load ever and I could see it dripping out of her. We finished to a quick shower and I left. On my way out she said you better come for another “walk” later again. I didn’t answer. Sure enough at about 10h30 pm I got a message from saying am I’m walking, and that is exactly what I wanted to hear. I went around at 11pm and yet again, we went at it again. I must be honest my dick was a bit sore when I woke up the next morning!