13 Jul 2017

I've got so many stories to share but ill just share this one for now. So at another social at the complex pool, Sarah (Aussie girl) was there. after chatting and mingling for a while, we joked and said we should sneak away to her apartment that is right next to the pool. Now we had to get the timing right so no one see us. I went first, got into her place, went upstairs to her bedroom. About 5 minutes later i heard the door open and locked. By the time Sarah got up the stairs she was naked. She almost ripped the clothes off me asking why do you still have your clothes on. So both of us naked on the bed, she started rubbing my balls, went down on me and sucking my balls. I said to her, we don't have a lot of time and it was like this was what she was waiting to hear. She got jumped on me revers cowgirl and she went at riding me like i felt i was gonna break, (Yes it is possible). Anyway, i turned her around pulled her to the side of the bed and put her legs up put against me and started pumping varying between fast and slow. The best part was when i spread her legs open and i had a nice view of how her boobs was bouncing back and forth, and like i said in the previous story she has the most perfect boobs. She had enough and told me to lie down, and she said on me again reverse cowgirl, but then she laid back. Now i'm not the longest down there and when she bent back i felt like i was gonna pop out, but i didn't, and i just had my head inside of her, and started pumping as much as could with her on top of me, with one hand on her perfect boob and the other rubbing her clit, and apparently she loves that. She went absolutely wild and with in minutes both of us came. We were away from the pool for about 50 minutes and didn't realize it. We walked back to the pool and entered through different entrances. That was fun. The next day, Sarah's close friend at work asked her. Whats going Sarah? You looked like you got laid? I thought that was funny! Man, I love having sex with Sarah, and we can't seem to get enough of each other.