12 Jul 2017

I don't think i've ever had so much sex! So i've been working with a bunch of Aussies and have really been getting along with this one girl, lets say her name is Sarah. So one day at a social we really got chatting about relationships most of the night. Nothing came of it and i didn't make anything of it as i was with someone and she had a pilot boyfriend. Then her and the boyfriend had a fight and she moved in with a common friend in same complex as mine. And at yet another work social we spent time chatting again. This time she tells me about her issues with her boyfriend. I ended going to her place nothing happened and seeing how tense she was gave her a massage and left shortly after but not without giving her a hug and me telling her how nice it felt as i have noticed that she has a nice set of boobs. Anyway, few weeks later at the complex pool i had a braai with my friends and she with hers and i ended up at her place with her giving me a massage. We ended up naked in her bed, me just rubbing her boobs but nothing happened that night as i was with someone. I just could not get her extremely sexy body out of my head and ended up at her place one night after rugby practice after back and forth messaging. to cut a long story short. We having sex ever since sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. I have never met anyone as turn on as her, as i would rock up at her place and start touching her and she would be instantly wet. We have had sex in her bed, her tale her couches, my couches my floor, her car, my car, outside our offices between the trees on the bench (at night time) . I remember driving after rugby one day trying to find a spot to have sex, but we kept on being interrupted by cars driving pass. So we left it and said we will try it another day, another place which we did. We found a spot but because we were in her car, a yaris which was so uncomfortable we ended up having sex on the bonnet and me going down on her and she came almost immediately, probably 2 minutes. The we were interrupted by a whole bunch of cars and we decided to call it a night. I said to that i will drive her car and with that she started to give me the most insane BJ and i was super horny. SO i pulled over on the service road next to a not to busy highway got her to kneel in the car and just banged her from behind and sadly i only lasted for about 7 minutes, but i was so weak in my knees i was shaking. It was really good. We make a point of having sex almost everyday and we've done it in almost every position thinkable. Her favorite definitely from behind with her on her tummy. Because we live so close to work we even ran away from work during lunchtime of cause for a 10 min quicky. She has even come to work with no underwear and i put my fingers in her and when walking pass just licking my fingers. We counted in a month we have had sex more than 40 times. I'm a lucky guy, now she is on holiday and we message each other saying we can't wait to have sex with each other.