Written by LickSuck69

02 May 2017

As we know in science, the scientist has always led everyone to believe that opposites attract and likes repel, but this was not the case with me. I have always been a person with a very high sex drive and could never understand why, often thinking I must be abnormal because none of my friends men or women were like me. My wife was a person just like me, we both lived for sex and use to have sex at least four times a day, when we woke up in the morning and before we fell a sleep, both enjoying it as much as each other, and never feeling obliged to have sex just to please each other. Our sex life never changed until she passed a way with cancer. The best sex life any couple could ever of wished for, very kinky indeed.

Readers must be wondering, why the topic of "Attractions Unable To Explain" well this is where the article takes a sudden change, my eldest son has to commence school, so he has to be registered, so we apply to have him registered at a school around the corner from where we live in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg, name will not be mentioned for security reasons. After been accepted and the year begins, and I sign up for the P.T.A. and are a signed to the Sports and Entertainment committee, which was comprised of one male teacher and two female teacher, myself and one other mother. The meeting went by fairly smoothly and all members seemed to get on very well and were all very helpful towards each other, and we ran a successful committee for the year. Into the second year I noticed the one teacher was more helpful towards me, and enjoyed been close to me, both been professional people knowing all to well nothing could happen between the two of us, I just played along. Until my son came to me and said dad guess who has moved into the house across the street, my teacher Joanne, she only found out that day, we would be staying across the road from her in the town house complex where we had stayed from day one. Joanne and my wife became very good friends and she would often send a plate of food over to Joanne as she was a single lady living on her own. Their friendship grew from strength to strength and she would confide in with my wife knowing that I would never know. They discussed their different sex lives and how they both very much enjoyed sex to the full. Noticing that Joanne was spending more time at our home than at her own, started wondering if Joanne had feelings towards me, because in the evenings when I got home from work her front door was open and she would wave hello and as I close our front door she would close her door, so it was evident that she enjoyed peeping at me. Knowing Joanne was attracted to me and I was attracted towards her, I decided to send her some flowers on her birthday to the school where she was a teacher, with no message except wishing you happy birthday and see where that leads. Just before I leave work my phone rings and it was Joanne asking me if I had sent her some flowers to school for her birthday. Keeping quiet and not saying a word, I say yes it was me, Joanne says thank you and puts down the phone. On arriving home, who should be there, Joanne, my wife says it's Joanne's birthday so I invited her over for dinner, hope you don't mind, no why should I, my wife says to me are you not going to kiss Joanne happy birthday, which I more than did, and we all enjoyed a great evening together.

A few months had passed by and my house had been sold and my wife and my two sons and I were moving to Cape Town permanently. MY wife said to me she was going to miss Joanne's friendship and wish's Joanne was going to Cape Town with us as she was a great neighbor to have . Knowing all to well how Joanne felt towards me and my attraction towards Joanne, this would be the best for both of us. The new year is upon us and the new school term has started and my wife and sons are all ready in Cape Town staying with my mom and dad for a week, until I arrive with the house contents and move into our new home in Claremont, near all the schools and university. The removal truck is loaded and the doors closing, Joanne arrives home and says no... no, you can't leave with out saying good bye to me. The truck leaves and I ask Joanne if she would like to have dinner with me that evening as I am only leaving to morrow morning after handing over the keys to the new owners. Joanne says can't we rather have dinner at her place, and I make my favorite Lasagne for her. So off to the shop I go get all the ingredient for the Lasagne and return to Joanne's place. While making the Lasagne Joanne is all over me like a rash, feeling me all over , with the Lasagne completed and in the oven off to the lounge we go. Both knowing all to well this is most likely the last time we will be together we start chatting about the friendship she had with my wife, and how she felt towards me. The topics that came up surely caused me to blush, as she said my wife and her had spoken in great depth about our my sex life, and how we both lived for sex and could never get enough. Joanne said she could also never get enough sex, then told me how she had laid in bed at night wondering how my wife and I were busy fucking the life out of each other and why couldn't she be part of us. I asked Joanne if the thought ever went through her mind to ask my wife if she would like to have a threesome, with her and the two of us, she said yes, but she said I would not agree. Wow.... me disagree, never....never, don't worry to night is your turn and never forget will we..... So after dinner and cleaning up Joanne and I return to the bedroom, off goes our clothes, we get on to the bed, lying on the bed both stroking each others bodies with our finger tips, and cuddling up closer to each other, kissing each other all over, and our hands playing with her pussy and my cock, driving each other wild with desire to have a fuck, we had both been imagining for so long. Joanne lifts herself up and lands with her body on top of mine, rubbing her breasts against my chest and her very warm wet pussy against my cock, causing my cock to get more and more erect and pushing between her legs, and wanting her pussy to just feel my cock entering, and the shaft going deeper and deeper until it is completely inside her pussy. With the strange feeling of my cock deep inside her pussy Joanne, starts fucking me over and over screaming and moaning , then slowing down hoping for it to never end. Looking into my eyes Joanne says,wow.... your wife was not wrong when she said you have got a cock like a barge pole, and I don't want you to take it out of me until you leave the next morning Both our bodies hot and sweaty Joanne lies on top of me, not wanting me to move. Joanne starts rubbing her body against mine, her thighs against mine, causing my cock to start erecting again, almost fully erect again Joanne lifts up her body and says into my mouth it must go, Joanne starts sucking on my cock head, slowly moving onto the shaft and buck up again and into her mouth, right down her throat and back up again driving me wild and ready to shoot my load, still sucking more and more my load is finally shot all over her mouth, and I start sucking on her pussy, on her lips into the groove and on to her clit..... sucking and sucking on her clit, Joanne archers her back and finally squirts all over me. After a night of passionate love, making off to the shower we go, only to start fucking again, finally we have completed our shower, we retreat to the bed and lying on the bed we both said funny how we were both attracted to each other from the start, and could not pin point what it was that attracted us to each other, because we knew nothing could ever have developed from our attraction .