05 Apr 2016

Hi all I would like to share this comical story with you all that happened to me a few months ago.I am a Armed Responce Officer an one evening while on duty I got a call from the control room that a silent alarm has been triggerd at a house that's using our service.Control already tried to make contact with the owner with no success,do I was already suspicious when I got there.The house was located on a corner and gates being locked I walked around when I heard a woman scream!Call it adrenelin or what ever but next moment I was over the wall with my gun drawn approaching the house.Coming up to a side door I again heard a cry and fearing the worst I kicked in the door.With my gun pointing again I entered the premises identifying myself,then it happened..........There infront of me on the floor a group of people five men and five women all naked engaging in a orgy on the floor,the whole tv room smelling like pussy and sweat.Condom wrappers and used condoms lying around on the floor.Everybody to shocked to react.After what felt like an eternity I said with a red face that we had a silent alarm and when I came to investigate I heard a woman scream.A man that was identified as the owner of the house stood up holding a chair pillow infront of him also with a red face explained that his phone was in the kitchen and that when the group came together at him and his wifes house they didn't turn off the alarm when they got back from aan evening out.After giving me his pin code I apologised for the door,but actually he was cool about it thanking for the service if ever there was real trouble,but I think he was to imbarissed to say anything.That night sitting in my bakkie I had a wank or two thinking of those naked ladies on the floor........