Written by Anonymous

28 Sep 2018

My phone rings in the office with my 2 colleagues today from a “no caller ID”, which you can be fucking happy for as I have an app to see who calls me even if your nr is not saved.

It’s a male that asks if he can speak to (Name). I of course think it’s a salesman.

Him: a friend of min me gave me your nr and told me about Swigingheaven, I wanted to know if you’re still available?

The blood rises up in my neck. Who the fuck is so fucking daft to hand out my nr without my permission like I’m a whore to be passed around, with NO respect to my privacy or discretion what so ever! (sorry for my language but it just expresses how I felt at that point).

Me: sorry which friend gave you my nr?

I’m trying to control my tone but my irritation is audible.

Him: um...gosh I can’t remember now, she just told me about you and the site

Yeah right....SHE? I haven’t played with a female/couple in ages. I met one recently but it did not go further...so...mmm

Me: listen I’m at work and this is not how I work

I can see my colleague’s ears twitch, and the whole scenario makes me livid now

We end the call abruptly with him thinking I’m probably just rude & me feeling disgusted at how people can disrespect me like this by Sharing my nr with someone I did not choose myself or ever seeing a face pic or even knowing if this person is married or some bullshit!

What is wrong with you people!?