10 Jun 2016

During a previous encounter at “My friends catering business” Naledi wanted to know if I would be prepared to do some work for her in the township. I phoned Naledi and arranged to go and have a look at what the problem is. It happened so that one plate on her stove is not working but recently her washing machine stopped working so she have to do her laundry by hand. We arranged for me to go to her place during one of her off days.

On a Tuesday I found myself driving to the township with the directions she sms’d me. It happened to be not far from a big shopping centre/mall that recently opened in their township. I was confident that I would find her place but got seriously lost. I phoned her about an hour and a half after our appointment telling her that I got lost. She said that she thought that I would not come anymore mention something of “You chickened out” with a laughing voice. That immediately put me on another planet.

Naledi said she will come and fetch me at the mall; I must just park and wait. Not long after that a minibus taxi stopped and this gorgeous girl wearing a pair of jeans with a bluish blouse and sandals hopped out and greeted me with a big smile on her face. We hugged and got into my bakkie, she guiding me to her house. She stays in a very neat small place with her aunt and two siblings. Her aunt was at home but she had to leave in about an hours time.

I started with the stove, luckily she described the symptoms so I was prepared with the necessary spares. The stove was fixed by the time her aunt left. Naledi offered some tea whereby I replied it might not be a good idea, reminding her of the first time we met and the tea drinking. She commented that she would not mind it at all as we had the whole place to ourselves. I offerd to look at the washing machine while she boiled the water. It happened to be the main power lead, being such a small place she moves it when she want to do the washing and somehow the cord got damaged. I replaced it with a heavy duty cord and you could see the appreciation in her eyes.

We sat down and drank our tea making small talk. I don’t know how it happened but we ended up in her bedroom kissing and caressing each other. We lost our clothes on the way there and her black smooth skin felt soft as I kissed her all over. I stood behind her with my hands on both breasts moving one down to her tummy, I could feel her muscles tensioning with each movement. Her hands moved back to find my erect penis and balls. Time stood still I did not want this moment to end. She turned around her perfect naked smooth body in full view, once again for me to appreciate her firm breasts and cleanly shaven pleasure spot.

There was only one thing on my mind by now and that was to taste her moist womanhood.

Our mouths interlocked with a deep French kiss and our hands stroking and moving all over each other. She broke loose from the kiss and whispered that she want to taste my dick which was dripping wet by now. She herself was wet when I moved two fingers into her. She first ran her tongue around my glistening head teasing me with her eyes. What a wonderful feeling. Her lips folded around my dick and she started with a soft sucking action. I could feel my buttocks trembling of pleasure. She indicated that I must let go whereby I could not take it any longer. I exploded in her mouth, she did not blink an eye and carried on with her sucking motion until every drop was out.

It was my turn to pay attention to her smooth shaven pussy. Luckily that is one part that I enjoy. I ran my tongue in, around from side to side, up and down and out. Varying with a soft suction and blowing action. She started to moan and whisper in her language which turned me on even more. It wasn’t long before she came this time it was my turn to lick and enjoy her love juices.

We took a shower to clean up but that just resurrected my dick and it became as stiff as ever. She bend down and I entered from behind seeing her beautiful bottom made me crazy. The pumping action lasted for a few seconds before we both reached the height of pleasure. We finished showering and got dressed. I packed my tools away and she made us another cup of tea. Her aunt arrived and was surprised to find me still there.