03 Mar 2016

I had a lovely morning with lady K.

I got there not very long after her hubby left, so she was still downstairs. We greeted then chatted while K sipped coffee standing beside the kitchen table. She was completely naked except for her night-shirt beneath her silky gown that shaped out her bod. I moved behind her and pressed my rapidly erecting shaft into her butt, letting her feel me, while running my hands over her tummy, abdomen, up to her beautiful breasts and then down to her pussy. As my hands went to her pussy, she gasped her approval and her hands touched my hips on either side. Turning her head, to the side, I met her mouth with my tongue.

Sending my hands inside her gown and beneath her night shirt, I felt her pussy. Her velvet lips and shortly trimmed strip of hair a joy beneath my finger tips. I cupped her sex and squeezed my yearning for her. Then the middle finger roamed her entrance and slowly worked itself inside her. Her pussy was moist and I could feel this heat. I know she gets aroused pretty easily but I think she was wet. I withdrew my finger and brought it to my face, then offered it to her mouth. She sucked it then said her hubby was horny this morning so he'd been there before me. I didn't mind. It is his wife and he should fuck her like he needs to. It just shouldn't bother him that I do too.

I led her upstairs and to her bedroom. I pushed her into her bed, seated and I unzipped and stripped off. Then I pushed her back onto the bed, she flat on her back, legs hanging over the edge, I straddled her chest and propped her head with a pillow. Then I inserted my cock into her mouth. While she nursed my shaft, I reached behind and ran small concentric circles over her clit. As I pleasured her, her chest rose and fell. Her head rose to take more cock. I loved the way she worshipped my cock.

I got off, flipped her over and went to my knees on the floor. I lined my cock to her pussy and thrust in, completely and deeply until I bumped her cervix. She yelped and held my thigh. I was in deep and she was feeling it properly. A few moments for her to catch her breath and adjust to the thick long and blund foreign object inside her, I slowly rocked her, using hip and not really pulling out of her all the way. I kept her cervix locked out and bumped until she gave a small grunt everytime I found her limit.

My hands clasped around her neck, I fucked her slowly then stroked her long in and out. I felt her move back against my cock. My hands caressed her neck, her breasts from the side and eventually locked onto her hips. I held her and fucked her pussy with the hunger and passion you do while pleasuring another man's wife. Her breathing became irregular. I reached below and rubbed her clit while I fucked her. I kept the finger trained on it's target while split her vaginal opening and struck her cervix over and over again. Karine eventually secumbed to the penal and finger stimulation. I kept a small rocking motion while I switched my finger from her clit to her labia, pleasuring her while she had my cock buried inside her. I let her enjoy the orgasm and controlled her pleasure, offering her more cock or more finger depending on her body language.

Karine was spent and moaned her satisfaction. I on the other hand, still needed to sow my seed into her. My hands passed over her hands and I hammered her pussy until my own juiced erupted and jetted. I tried to control myself, jetting on the inward thrusts. Semen must go where it's useful..... **wg**. I got on the bed and Karine went down on me, nursing, feeding, worshipping...she straddled me and fucked me again once I'd got my erection back. We cuddled and snuggled. I spooned her, and slowly squeezed it up her asshole. Then we lay there, my cock trapped in her ass, before I slowly reamed her out and took her ass like it was her pussy. I kept a finger in her mouth while I fucked her butt. I orgasmed but stayed inside, holding her close, caressing her breasts and kissing her neck. She had my semen in her pussy, her ass and she'd tasted it in her mouth. I smiled to myself. Thats how you fuck them. Thats how you keep them wanting more. Thats how you get them addicted to cock.

We showered and I took off.