Written by Alex

28 Dec 2015

Approximitly a year ago I got new neighbours in the flats next to mine.I met them a couple of times not bad people at all.We have spend some time together on a Saturday at the flats communal pool having braai watching the cricket.I always got horny when I saw the wife and she knew it,her name was Yolandi,shoulder length blond hair,blue eyes,34c tits and a sexy body.One Saturday her husband got very wasted and I had to carry him on my shoulder to their flat.I put him down on their bed and his five took of his tekkies and covered him with a blanket,switched of the light and closed the door.I won't be able to tell you how this happened but standing there in the dark two bedroom flat with only the kitchen light barely illuminating her face I kissed her.She pulled away and I thought no I made trouble,when she looked me in the eye in pulled me closer kissing me.As we held each other other tongues twirled and explored each others mouths.I ran my hand under her t-shirt lifting her bra and exposing her tits as I caressed them.Her hands ran over my crotch and I felt her squeezing my erect penis inside my shorts.Moments later I was on my knees pulling down her shorts exposing her hairy pussy.I pressed my face against her cunt and took a deap breath smelling her female odor and running my tongue over her pussy.My cock was throbbing and I needed release as I pulled down my shorts.I pulled her down to the floor and spread her legs and position myself between her legs.She was so wet as my cock slid in her there was no resistance.Feeling her warm juices engulf my cock was amazing.Right there in the halway on the floor infront of the room where her husband is sleeping I started to fuck Yolandi as hard as I could.At one point she begged me to be quiet I was gonna wake her husband but I didn't care.During our fucking she outered the words "don't cum in me".I tried to comply but I was to far gone,she barely said the words when I thrust deep into her cunt for ons last time and exploded deep into her.Her eyes widened as she murmered the word"no,no,no........"Into my ear while tightly squeezing her arms around me neck.We just lay there for a long while and as I got up I saw that my leaking sperm from her pussy had formed a pool on the carpet.As I got up and got dressed to go ,she stood up and said I better not get pregnant....as she walked to the bathroom.Well let's fast forward to present time...Yolandi is now eight months pregnant and although her husband thinks his the dad we know the truth....