Written by Loslappie

11 Aug 2015

In my previous story (Die Patio Word Ingewy! – posted 8 June 2015) I described the first night we had fun on the patio at my friends’ new house. Here’s a description of some more fun we had a few weeks later…

Once again I had an envelope full of stories to deliver to my friends. An opportunity arose one Saturday afternoon, and so I sent her (“S”) a message asking if I would be welcome to pop around to make the delivery. She replied a while later, explaining that they had been outside, as another friend was there helping them with a small project. But of course I would be welcome to pop in! Anytime!!

I stopped off at the bottle store on the way over, and picked up the usual brandy and coke, and arrived there around 4:30. I found that the “small project” was in fact the installation of a big security gate behind the glass sliding door on the patio, and that their friend Frikkie was doing the welding work. The guys (Frikkie and my friend “D”), had had a couple of “doppe” during the afternoon while doing the work, and everything was not exactly going according to plan. I gave some (sober!) advice, but I am not much of a handyman myself, and despite all our combined efforts, the damn gate wasn’t hanging right. So D decided to call in his younger brother to assist.

Younger brother Vonnie and his wife Rina live close by, and soon arrived, together with their 10 year old daughter, similar in age to D&S’s son. I had not met them before, and they had no idea who I was. D went out to meet them in the driveway. But he quickly came back inside before they entered and came to “apologise” to me that they also appeared to have been drinking. I told him there was nothing to apologise about, they were as entitled to a dop or two on a Saturday afternoon as any of us. He did say to me that Rina was normally very quiet, but that she loosened up when she had had a few drinks and became very friendly. He let me know that they were also into playing a bit, so if I got a chance to do anything I should not be shy.

I shook hands with Vonnie, but Rina came over and gave me a big hug in greeting, and reached up to kiss me on the lips. I guess we lingered a little longer in the kiss than one might normally do during a first introduction kiss. And as we separated after the hug, I let my right hand (on the opposite side to where Vonnie was standing) “accidentally” stroke the side of her left boob as I moved back. To my surprise, she turned to the others and said loudly “ooh, maar hy soen lekker!”, and came back for another kiss. So that kind of broke the ice for the evening!

Vonnie soon got involved in advising Frikkie and D about how he though they should hang the security gate. The two kids disappeared to see what was on the TV in the lounge, and Rina and S went off to the kitchen. I sat in my chair watching the three handymen arguing, sipping on my own drink (I had a long way to go to catch up!). After a while Rina came back out onto the patio and came over to me with a big smile on her face. She whispered in my ear “okay, now I know who you are, and what you like doing!” It seems that S had now told her that I was the guy who wrote their stories, some of which Rina (and Vonnie?) had apparently previously had the opportunity to read, and had enjoyed.

While the guys were still discussing the gate, and because there was no other chair nearby, Rina came and sat on my lap, and quietly started asking me questions about dogging. While we were chatting, I made sure that I again “accidentally” positioned my hand close to her boob, and started stroking my fingers gently against it, but not too obviously, making sure that the guys wouldn’t see if they turned around. Then the discussion of the gate came to an end, Vonnie went to sit down on the couch, and Frikkie started cutting off the hinges that were in the wrong place with an angle grinder. Rina got up to go and sit next to Vonnie, and as she got up she leaned in close and whispered in my ear “ek het lekker titties, ne?” I smiled a broad smile and nodded my head in agreement.

Frikkie managed to burn out the only angle grinder they had between them (borrowed from Vonnie earlier that day) while cutting off the hinges, and it was by now too late to go and try to get another one anywhere, so that put a stop to the work on the gate for the evening.

S sat on another loose chair close to the gas heater to my right. Frikkie sat on a camp stool opposite me, and Rina sat between Vonnie and D on the couch, to my left, and furthest away from the heater. And we talked a lot of nonsense, some of it naughty stuff. Whenever the kids came through, we had to make sure that the conversation was all “decent”, but when they went back inside, the naughtiness resumed.

Rina decided she was too cold on the couch away from the heater, and came and stood close to S’s chair, warming herself. Then I noticed she had her hand on S’s shoulder and was gently stroking it, and S was stroking the inside of Rina’s leg. Vonnie and D seemed to be arguing about something and weren’t noticing what was going on, but Frikkie and I were! Rina bent down to kiss S, and their lips lingered, and the kiss became quite passionate, and Rina was doing to S’s boob what I had earlier been doing to Rina’s! S must have whispered to Rina that I was watching, as she turned to look at me and winked, turned back for another passionate kiss and cupped S’s boob and gave it a firm squeeze. By this time the other guys were also looking, and we egged the ladies on, saying how much we enjoyed watching what they were doing. Rina tried to get her hand in between S’s legs, but S wasn’t comfortable with that, and they didn’t go any further. D later told me that he and Vonnie knew all about Rina and S having some “lady time” when they had played together, so this was nothing new for them. But it was for me! And probably for Frikkie too!

But the kids came back through, wanting their supper, and that put an end to that session. But the ladies did it for us a couple more times during the evening when there was opportunity, remaining fully clothed, but getting us guys quite excited anyway. I made it quite obvious that I was enjoying what they were getting up to.

Later in the evening, Rina again came and sat on my lap, and I again played with one of her boobs while she did so. She said that S had told her that I liked watching. She asked if I enjoyed watching what she and S had been doing? I told her I definitely did, and would like to be able to see even more! She asked, “would you be able to just watch, and not jump in and get involved?” I assured her that I would just watch, if that was what they wanted. She said that whenever the girls had played together before, with the guys present, that Vonnie was never able to control himself and always wanted to jump in, and that that spoiled it for the two girls. She said that if I promised to just watch, that she and S would one day “give me a show”! I promised that I would do so. And we shook on it. So hopefully, someday soon…….!! She whispered again in my ear, “nou’s my poesie behoorlik nat!”, and rubbed herself a bit on my leg. She was sitting with her back to Vonnie, and S was watching from the other side, so I openly fondled Rina’s boob so that S could see.

Vonnie and Rina’s daughter was not feeling well, and kept coming through more and more often, asking to be taken home as she wished to go to bed. When the dop had run out, Vonnie and Rina took their daughter home. Once again I got a nice big passionate kiss and a feel of her boobs when Rina hugged me to say goodbye.

D decided it was also time for his son to also go off to bed. At last we were to be alone….

Earlier in the evening, Frikkie had been telling me how he had spent the night with D&S the previous weekend, having had a bit too much to drink to be able to drive home. I had met him on a few occasions previously, and from stuff that D&S had told me I knew that he had been one of their playmates on a few occasions. But I had got the impression, although he was a very good friend of D’s, that S was not really all that keen on him. So I was expecting that there would be no play that evening, so long as Frikkie was around. And it didn’t seem like he was planning on going home anytime soon! He kept telling us how much he wanted to naai Rina, and promising that he would do so one day! He had told Rina this earlier during the evening, but she had just laughed him off.

So it came as a bit of a surprise, when D&S had gone through into the house for some reason, when he started telling me in fine detail about his having shared their bed the previous weekend; how he had fucked S for a long time that evening while D just went off to sleep next to them; how he just knew from the way that her pussy muscles contracted that she had orgasmed; and he was pretty sure he had given her a great time, although she had “just lay there like a blow-up doll”. Like a fishing story, when he started it, he had fucked her for a few minutes, which then became ten minutes, then half an hour, then “seker ‘n uur”! S came back through to the patio and heard him mentioned the “blow-up doll”, and asked what he was talking about. He told the story again. She confirmed they had been together, but denied it was for anywhere near as long as Frikkie was making out, nor would she confirm that she had had such a great time. D had no idea how long they had been at it, as he had been asleep! But all of this talk was giving me a bit more hope for the evening! It seemed that Frikkie’s presence might not necessarily mean the end of the fun. I decided to try and see if I could move things along a bit.

I went off to the toilet, and when I came back I went and stood behind S’s chair, closer to the heater. Frikkie was still on his stool to our right, and D was on the couch across the patio. I put my hands on S’s shoulders and started to massage them gently. Because of the cold she was warmly dressed up, in a zippered fleece top as well as a button-up blouse. After rubbing her shoulders through her fleece top for a while, I unzipped her fleece a bit and got my hands in under the fleece, massaging her shoulders and the back of her neck through her blouse, every now and then letting my hands wander down over the front of her blouse, stroking the upper part of her boobs. I leant down so I could whisper in her ear, and asked “are you okay with this? I’ll stop if you want me to.” She said that it was fine, I had the go-ahead I was looking for, so I continued. I started to unbutton her blouse; D sat up on the couch and suddenly started paying more attention, and Frikkie slid his stool across so that he was sitting right next to S’s knees! I slid my hands inside her blouse, and into the top of her bra cups, and felt for her nipples. She shrugged her shoulders forward to make it easier for me to cup her boobs. I found her nipples and rolled them between my fingers. They were already starting to harden. She gave a little sigh, and pushed her head back against my stomach and rubbed against me. Her eyes were closed. I leaned down and kissed her upturned face, and she responded by sticking her tongue into my mouth, while I massaged her breasts. I looked down, and became aware that Frikkie had one of his hands up between her legs, while stroking himself with his other hand.

D called out – “I think you guys should come over here to the couch, it will be more comfortable.” I helped S out of the chair, kissed her again, and we moved over to the couch, S in the middle with Frikkie and I on either side. D rolled the gas heater closer, pulled up the chair that S had been sitting in, and sat down to watch.

Between Frikkie and I, we unzipped the fleece and undid the rest of the buttons. I asked if I could undo her bra, and again she said yes. I undid the clasp, and popped her big boobs out of their cups. Frikkie started sucking on the one closest to him, while I kissed S deeply and cupped her other boob, rolling the palm of my hand over her nipple and feeling its erection. Soon I had my hand down between her thighs, while S reached for and played with our cocks though our pants. She undid the button on her jeans and slid the zipper down. But her pants were too tight for me to get my hand inside. I helped her stand up and she wiggled out of her tight denims, and then also her panties. Frikkie was groping her boobs all the while.

As S sat back down, I reached for one of the cushions and put it on the floor between her feet. I gently pushed her knees apart and knelt between them. With my fingers I spread her pussy lips, opening up her slit, and then buried my tongue in her pussy, the way I know she likes it. Frikkie was suckling on her boobs, and then leant forward and whispered “naai haar!, B, naai haar!” I ignored him and kept licking at her pussy, tasting her growing wetness and feeling her clit harden under my tongue. S started to moan. She reached forward and undid my belt buckle. While still continuing to lick her pussy, I undid my pants and pushed them down, followed by my boxers. I was starting to harden.

S pulled me up towards her. I wasn’t hard enough to put it straight in, even though that was what she was wanting, so I stood up between her knees and offered her my cock. She sat forward and wanked me a few times, and then took me into her mouth, so soft and gentle, and soon I was fully erect. Frikkie had also meanwhile removed his pants, but was still playing with her boobs, while she bobbed backwards and forwards on my cock, doing what she does so very well. She brought me very close to cumming, and I had to pull out of her mouth to avoid it. She then turned her attention to Frikkie, while I sat back down next to her, fingering her pussy with one hand while playing with a boob with the other.

D meanwhile was watching all of this, and encouraging us to continue. Frikkie kept saying, “naai haar! B, naai haar!” After a while I got back on the cushion between her legs, and tried to position myself for penetration, but the cushion kept slipping away on the tile floor. S decided to help by kneeling on the couch and presenting her butt so we could do it doggy-style with me standing up, but to my great embarrassment, after all this fiddling about, I had lost my erection. I said to Frikkie, “ou maat, dis eerder jou beurt,” but he had not been able to get it up at all! S tried everything she could, but he just wasn’t getting hard at all. Perhaps in his case it was a bit too much brandy? I think in my case it was having Frikkie’s face just a few inches away from my dick whenever he could get close, and his hand on my bum, and my having come so close and having to pull out.

But with all the preceding activity, S was well and truly stimulated, and she wanted to be satisfied, and neither Frikkie nor I were doing it for her. I went back to finger-fucking her and sucking on her boobs. But she wanted to be fucked! I asked D to come and do what Frikkie and I couldn’t, but he said no, he gets his turn in bed tonight after we have gone.

The only other thing that I could think of to help her out was “Little D”. Little D is her vibrator, and he’s not “little” by any means! He’s a very decent-sized latex vibrator, just a bit “little” in comparison to the real D! I asked – “would you like Little D?” She said to “big” D, “go fetch me Little D.” D went off to the bedroom and fetched Little D, while S kept trying to get Frikkie and I to stand to attention, but to no avail. So it was a relief when Little D appeared. S took him in her left hand, spread her legs wide, and pulled her knees back, lying back on the couch, and used the fingers of her right hand to open her pussy slit and guide him in. She started off slowly, initially only pushing an inch or so of him in at a time. She started moaning. And Little D went deeper, and faster! Deeper and faster, until she was taking the full length with each stroke!! And her moans got louder and more frequent. And when S came, we really knew she was cumming! No gentle twitching of her vaginal muscles this time! She came with a roar and much shaking of the couch.

When she was done, I decided to call it a night. I needed to get home. S stood up and replaced her pants and disappeared to the bathroom for a bit, while Frikkie and I dressed. I have no idea whether Frikkie slept over again that night, and whether he was maybe able to get it up and perform later, or even if he would have been offered that opportunity. But I do know that “big” D was intending to soon make the most of his opportunity in the comfort and warmth of their bed. I need to take them their copy of this story, and find out how it all worked out afterwards.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the call to say that Vonnie will be working and S has been able to organise her day off work, and she and Rina are keen to show me what they get up to on their own…..