15 Aug 2016

I travel a lot for work and always land up at some hotel or guest house all cold and lonely. My client in PE always books me into City but the City lodge was fully booked and i got a room at Town lodge.

Well on arrival i parked my car in the basement and headed to the lift. From the other side came a good looking Brunette with her baggage. I kept the lift open and she entered. On the way up we greeted and i said ya so another night on the road. I could sense she must be some kinda rep as they always dress extremely well. Always classy but sexy. She sighed and said she hates doing country trips. I complained and said the same here.

At Reception i let her walk in front and reception asked "room for 2?" She joked and said "I wish" and i smiled and said we not together. I went outside to smoke while she finished. After a while i went in and she was nearly finished and another receptionist came to the desk to help me. My room was pre booked and paid so i just had to sign forms.

As i proceed to the lift here she comes again and we in the lift again together. I could smell this girl. Not perfume but womanhood. the smell of musk. It aroused me but kept cool. I asked the floor and she asked for six. We both going to six...

When we got out and looked for rooms we got booked as neighbours and I joked and said " lekker slaap buurvrou." She replied jy ook and went in.

i made some coffee and after coffee headed for shower. i heard water running next door as well and imagined the two of us in the shower together.

After shower i put a towel on my chair and started my emails and invoicing etc. It was a warm night and aircon was on. I sat there naked. As you all know the rooms are head on head. it was quiet next door and i didnt even bother to switch my tv on as i had to get up 2 that morning to catch a flight for OR Tambo. After a while i heard a knock on the wall. tock tock. I thought nothing of it but couple minutes later heard tock tock again. I returned the tock tock. and there came 3 tocks. i made three tocks. by now i knew i'm not the only lonely person on this floor.

I called reception and asked how do you call other rooms and they told me. i then knocked three quick tocks followed by three slow ones. the same code came back. I dialed her number and she answers i wondered if you gonna call. We laughed and chatted a while about travelling and lonely nights on the road. She asked me where we can get some wine. I told her there's a vending machine downstairs and there's no room service. i offered to get us some beers. She replied i must not be in hurry as she needs to get dressed. I joked and said are you naked as well. She replied that she travels a lot and got to cut on certain things for weight.

I put on shorts and t shirt went down and got six beers from vending machine. as i knocked on the door it opened by itself and i went in. The she was in bed but dressed in T shirt. Later i found out it was only a t shirt. i sat on the bed and we started the beers and normal chit chat bla bla bla etc etc. After she finished her beer i was halfway she sat up straight. I asked if she was single and i got an answer i never expected - she said does it really matter? then i knew i'm gonna have my very first real one nite stand. she reached out and took the beer out my hand, pulled me closer and then we kissed. Wow what a passionate kisser she was. the sheets fell off her lower body and she was exposed . naked, smooth and i just had to touch her. She was so freaking wet.

We got naked in a flash and kissed each other, touched and played . at a point she said keep it back baby i want u inside me but not now. she told me hubby didn't get it up for the last three months.

We played, kissed and played more. after about 3rd climax she begged me to enter her pussy. We fucked a bit and i could feel i'm gonna cum so i pulled out asked her to turn around and mounted her again. She came just about as i entered here. She pushed my cock out and squirted . i entered again and we fucked like crazy. her bed was soaking wet and i offered my dry bed next door after we relaxed a bit and smoked a cigarette.

we went next door naked. just opened door, looked down passage, and made a duck for my door.

We started kissing and playing again but this time she asked me to get towels from the bathroom. i finger fucked her a wile and she had many orgasms and real wet ones . somewhere round two we fell asleep. wow what a night

don't know her name only know she's a medical rep from cape town........ hottest fuck ever!!!!!!!!!